Our Mission is to Enable Yours

The next ten years hold many opportunities and challenges for the Goddard Space Flight Center. From the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, that will look back in time to find the first galaxies in the Universe, to Earth focused missions including the Joint Polar Satellite System to provide weather-forecasting, storm-tracking, and climate-monitoring and the Decadal Survey missions to renew our nation’s investment in Earth observing systems and restore our leadership and Earth and science applications, the work of GSFC will be both exciting for those of us involved and critical to our nation’s future.

To ensure success, our Information Technology must be ready to support the demanding work that is to come. If we wait for a need to arise before we plan for our information assets, we will not be able to complete our efforts in time to support our mission. Therefore, I am preparing a 1,000-day IT strategic plan and a EA IT Roadmap to lay the groundwork for the tools we will need to succeed. In order to identify the right technologies and activities for those plans, I need your help. Because who better to help identify the components of this future direction than those who work to serve Goddard’s mission everyday? I intend to use this blog to propose potential additions to our near-term and long-term plans and ask for your input. Each week I will identify challenges ahead for GSFC and suggest technologies to help meet those challenges. I need you, the GSFC Community, to make sure we are headed in the right direction and our plans are aligned with GSFC’s future needs.

Please watch this site and join me in a conversation about our future.

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