A Work in Progress

As most Goddard components have seen, the work on the GSFC IT strategy and follow-on roadmap continues to move forward.  These initiatives began last year with a number of intake mechanisms.  The ITCD planning team met with large and small groups of the Goddard family, and followed up to be sure that recommendations had been properly captured and articulated.  

With the completion of the first full drafts of the strategy and roadmap, we are now returning to the individuals, groups, and organizations from which the initial recommendations emerged.  It is gratifying to hear how many great new ideas have been spawned through this socialization process.  It is also gratifying to hear how many of the concepts we captured in the initial drafts are being validated by their originators.

A central theme of the strategy and roadmap documents is to “create, maximize, and extend the value of Goddard IT investments.”  As we face the prospect of significant FY-11 budget constraints imposed by the new Congress, I think this approach will serve us well as we attempt to sustain our capabilities in difficult financial times.  Thanks to all who have contributed – and continue to contribute – to the Goddard IT strategy and roadmap!