Optimism in a Glum Financial Environment

In an atmosphere with continued threat of a Federal Government shutdown, talk of a flat lined budget for the outyears and continual cuts to the budget with no clear clarity of when or where it will stop, it is challenging to promote continued innovation and enthusiasm in Goddard’s IT investments and  workforce.  However, it is not impossible.  
Goddard’s defined IT goals and clear direction to obtain our customers’ business objectives will reassure success can still be had in times when it seems unattainable.  Our leadership will lead through an image that promotes understanding, preparation and drive to illustrate not only that our sustaining services will strengthen in continuity and satisfaction, but also will depict that our transforming investments are still in reach. 

Improved investment control, further acknowledgment of accomplishments, and monthly status reports will aid in ensuring all requirements are met.  It will also guarantee that opportunities for cost savings, improved performance and workforce excellence are identified and utilized.  In these opportunities the IT business will begin to establish and obtain its “quick wins.”  Thus, our customers and stakeholders will begin to extend their trust and support in the direction we have promised.  
Everyone- employees, leadership, stakeholders and customers- will have a hand in improving how Goddard does IT business.  It is through this partnership, that in these “glum” times we will still be providing light towards the defined architecture “to-be” state.  It will highlight that innovation and transforming investments are still objectives in the current IT business strategy.  We will not become stagnant and wait until times of ideal funding; it will be in this current state that we will make our game-changing moves to renovate the IT Portfolio for Goddard.