2011 Management of Change Conference: Partnership for Success-Delivering IT

For over 31years, the Management of Change (MOC) Conference, hosted by The American Council for Technology (ACT)Industry Advisory Council (IAC), has provided a valuable open forum whereboth private and public sectors have collaborated to help improve the government’soperating inefficiencies via innovation.  The opportunity to have thebest of government and industry to pool resources and leverage best practicesare essential, and proper implementation will allow agencies to optimize theirspending and, more importantly, redirect their efforts to value addedactivities.   This is allhighlighted in the 2011 MOC theme, “Partnership for Success-Delivering IT.”

In the midst ofan uncertain fiscal budget for 2012 and the out years, the timing of this year’sMOC Conference is the perfect venue to help contribute to these efforts.  Instead of focusing on just partnering,which is one of the critical elements for success, the conference will alsoprovide discussions on innovative IT solutions, effective IT governance, thesuccess of outsourcing, and a variety of other key topics.

As Co-Chair ofthis year’s conference, I am encouraging all to register to attend on May 15-17thin Hot Springs, VA.   Theplanning committee, consisting of both industry and federal employees, hasdiligently worked to develop a robust agenda that will entice all whoattend.   To learn more and toregister please visit http://www.actgov.org/events/managementofchange/Pages/default.aspx 


Please join us as we build onpartnerships for success!