NASA Langley Ares I-X Rocket Elements Arrive at NASA Kennedy Space Center

It takes a mighty big airplane to transport a 43-foot-long piece of hardware, not to mention a 16 foot wide, 7 foot tall simulation of the crew module that will take our astronauts to the moon.

The Ares I-X launch abort system (LAS) simulator rolled off an Air Force C-5 transport Jan. 28 after landing on the NASA Kennedy Space Shuttle runway.  The LAS simulator, which represents the tip of the Ares I-X rocket, was designed and built at NASA Langley Research Center. 

The Ares I-X crew module, in blue, and supporting hardware were unloaded after the two-hour flight from Langley to Kennedy.

The crew module and launch abort system simulators, wrapped in blue, took their place among other Ares I-X hardware in the Vehicle Assembly Building at NASA Kennedy. 

4 thoughts on “NASA Langley Ares I-X Rocket Elements Arrive at NASA Kennedy Space Center”

  1. This is very exciting. I can’t wait for the launch July 11th. I’ll be watching for a launch time. Congradulations to the Ares-1X team and to all at NASA. Our pride and prayers go with you all. And a special thanks to NASA EDGE for the great pixs and all that you bring to us. Your show really does bridge the gaps of truly understanding the projects and future goals of NASA. YOUR SHOW ROCKS. Thank You, Elizabeth

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