Checking Out Hardware at the VAB

The launch of STS-125 was absolutely beautiful! That’s one of the best things about working in the space business — getting to watch the shuttle launch. If you haven’t ever had the chance to see a shuttle launch in person you might be interested to know that there is a whole lot going on at KSC leading up to the launch. For the few days before launch all of KSC is bustling with people from all over the world who have come to see or help out with the launch.

This time, two days before launch, the Ares I-X team took an overflowing busload of media to the Vehicle Assembly Building for an Ares I-X media opportunity. As we walked into the building, the media were in awe at how big the rocket is going to be. Until you see it in person, it is hard to get a reference for how big 327 feet can be.

We proceeded down to High Bay 4 to meet up with Bob Ess, mission manager, and Steve Davis, his deputy. We split up into groups and toured the bay from the floor as well as from the fifth level. The media had many questions and were excited to see how much progress we have made in processing the upper stage.

Videos, pictures and pens were going a mile a minute trying to capture every little detail. It was hard to get the media to leave the VAB and get back on the bus! If we let them, they would have stayed all day. Not to worry, we’ll be back in a month or less.

5 thoughts on “Checking Out Hardware at the VAB”

  1. Ares isn’t getting much publicity in the national media. Frankly, I had no idea an actual launch was only a few months away. Thought it was just speculation at this point. I’ll be looking forward to learning more soon.

  2. Would love to see more detailed info of what Ares 1-X is about to. Would love more pictures and videos from every day work with the vehicle and up to date time table when it comes to when to except the important milestones both for 1-X, Ares 1 in general and the entire Constelation programe. Keep up the good work and dont be afraid if you meet some klingon warbirds out there! Johan.

  3. too bad i’ll miss the test launch, i’ll be in fl. week after sch. time for launch, 🙁 hope there is lots of viedo posted here on nasa 🙂

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