Ares I-X Aft Skirt on the Move

With 300 employees looking on, the Ares I-X aft skirt rolled out of the Assembly Refurbishment Facility. Senior management including Kennedy Center Director Bob Cabana, Mission Manager Bob Ess, ATK Program Manager Joe Oliva and United Space Alliance Associate Program Manager Roger Elliot spoke at the “pep rally” type event.

The aft skirt is on its way to the Rotation Processing and Surge Facility where it will be attached to the aft motor segment later this week, forming the aft assembly. Although this was an aft skirt for the shuttle program, the team made many modifications for this new vehicle. Some modifications include adding deceleration and tumble motors, avionics and a controller for the auxiliary power unit.

Once the aft assembly is complete, it will be moved to the Vehicle Assembly Building to begin stacking operations in late June.

5 thoughts on “Ares I-X Aft Skirt on the Move”

  1. I’m very excited about this launch and plan to travel to KSC to get a closer view than my home in Ft.Lauderdale. I’ts a momentous event that can’t be missed.
    All our prayers and pride go with you.
    GO ARES1-X!!

  2. i am very excited about all nasa is doing.I wish that i had all the money you guys needed to do everything you can.i think nasa and space exploration is the only way that mankind will live on.i wish that everyone on this planet was into space like i was.i would work for free on any project out there if i could.just because i think that space exploration is the most important objective.we need to figure out a way to fund you guys with more money.the answers to all the questions youll ever have will be answered by nasa.the question is when.i hope in my lifetime.never lose track of why we have you guys.

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