9 thoughts on “How to Stack a Rocket”

  1. I just watched “When We Left Earth” which has more than rekindled my interest in the space program. I hope that this thing really does launch, as well as return to the moon and beyond.

  2. The excitement builds as the prototype of America’s newest manned space vehicle is about to rollout! Fantastic job, folks. Make us proud this Fall!

  3. Keep it up Nasa! Hopefully these politicians will wise up and realize that Ares is the future and we can not stop exploring space. Bravo!

  4. wow, this rocket is huge. I cant wait to see it go up. I live right here on the space coast, It’s going to be amazing. I fully support Nasa, and hope they go far with moon exploration. I’m 16, and it’s my dream to work at Nasa when i grow up. 🙂

  5. says:

    Looking at this video is really make you think how much fun it is to dream of being an astronaut as a kid. Rockets rock!

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