The Pulse of the Public

The NASAEdge <> team is interviewing spectators at the Ares I-X launch site to take thepulse of the public and ask them what they think of the launch. Here are someof the answers they’ve gotten so far.
Ares I-X and the History of NASA

Graduation Day

What Does Ares I-X Mean?
How Far Did You Travel to See the Launch?
Stay tuned to NASAEdge for the latest viewer responses.

One thought on “The Pulse of the Public”

  1. I want to compliment the members of the NASA Public Affairs branch, especially at the Kennedy Space Center, and their coverage of the ARES test flights. With the future of this program still being determined by the President, I’m sure the amount of information available is limited and writing noteworthy content is a challenge for the staff. Led by Bill Johnson and George Diller at KSC, this group of people genuinely care about the space program and its future. Thank you for the complete coverage of the events at the Kennedy Space Center, including through your websites, NASA TV, podcasts, publications and so much more. It’s nice to have a truly trusted source of researched information. God Speed, Ares I-X.

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