When is a Rocket Launch Like a Soap Opera?

Drama can take many forms. A good drama has suspense, sudden pitfalls, unexpected turns, and emotional intensity. You don’t need to go to the movies for that. Today, you can just turn on NASA TV and watch the challenges experienced by the Ares I-X flight test. Since the originally scheduled launch time of 8 a.m. Eastern Time, we’ve seen holds due to weather, trouble pulling off a cover for a sensor on top of the rocket, a ship sailing into the splashdown portion of the range, and then another last-minute weather delay due to clouds.
Like any good drama, we enjoy a great sigh of relief when all comes right in the end. Keep watching, the adventure continues.

One thought on “When is a Rocket Launch Like a Soap Opera?”

  1. I liked the top of Ares 1x rocking around when those Techos were trying to pull off the “sock” and then the cheering from Mission Control when they finally got it released – now that was funny. Will be watching again tonight (Australian Time). Hopefully weather good and those nasty cargo ships stay way. Go NASA – GO Ares 1x.

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