Procuring America's Ticket to the Stars

NASA’s Office of Procurement ensures best practices for policy and implementation across the Agency.  Enhancing and maintaining a balanced and skilled workforce in the acquisition and procurement arenas, it fully integrates people and processes, as well as forming strategic internal and external alliances to ensure continuous improvement of acquisition functions.

Keeping Kennedy Space Center Safe

Kennedy Space Center’s security forces pause during firearms qualifications to pose with a KSC rescue vehicle.  Pictured from left to right:  Richard (Ric) Hewitt, Ana E. Contreras, Linda A. Rhode, Dann E. Oakland, Jo Ann Brophy, Mark R. Borsi, Robert (Rob) A. Schmidt, and Roger G. Langevin, all with the NASA-KSC Protective Services Office.


NASA Future Leaders

Members of NASA FIRST – the Agency’s leadership development program for promising junior engineers, scientists, and administrative professionals – recently met in Washington, D.C.  The program focuses on developing leadership capabilities and strengthening intra-Agency collaboration. 

Tackling a New Robotic Frontier

Veterans of five Hubble Space Telescope repair missions, Goddard’s Satellite Servicing Capabilities Office approaches every challenge with the mantra of test, test, and retest. Simulations and development work in the Goddard Satellite Servicing Center give the team confidence that their new suite of satellite-servicing tools, technologies, and servicing techniques will work optimally on orbit.  Shown in front of the facility’s test robots are Adrienne Alessandro, Nicholas Scott, and Krishna Nagirimadugu.




Flying high at NASA!

Alan Flint, an aerospace engineer at NASA/Johnson Space Center, is pictured flying backseat in a NASA T-38 Space Flight Readiness Training (SFRT) aircraft to characterize pitot-static measurement errors in order to improve altitude and airspeed measurement accuracy.  Alan’s role in maintaining the SFRT aircraft fleet helps to ensure American astronauts are prepared to lead the next era of space travel.