Launch Services Program Rocket Men

Kennedy Space Center Vandenberg Air Force Base Resident Office personnel representing the Launch Services Program: (from left to right) Bob Rasmison, Randy Beaudoin, Kevin Monette, and Jeff Ehrsam.  The Launch Services Program (LSP) is responsible for launching NASA payloads into space using expendable rockets.  This photo is taken next to the Orbital Sciences Corporation Pegasus rocket, which will launch the Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) spacecraft on June 26, 2013.  Jeff and Bob work together in integration and engineering as the spacecraft’s liaison at the processing facility and pre-launch site locations. They are responsible for preparing the processing facilities, services and support equipment the spacecraft needs while at Vandenberg.  Randy is an electrical engineer who follows manufacturing, assembly and integration of electrical systems and components to insure compliance with technical specifications and standards.  Kevin is the Safety and Mission Assurance representative providing independent assessment to help determine residual risk associated with launch vehicle flight readiness.  Collectively, their team efforts support the American public and the Launch Service Program mission statement, which is to present leadership and expertise in providing on-time, on-orbit, and on-cost launch services.