Green Aviation Summit: a roadmap on how these various technologies fit into the bigger picture

By Gray Creech
NASA Dryden public affairs
Sept. 9, 2010

Jerry Budd, Director of NASA Dryden’s Aeronautics Mission Directorate,
just dropped by, so I asked him what he is getting from this Green Aviation

"It’s been an opportunity to see a broad picture of how the agency is
pursuing green aviation. Between many of the presentations, we’re getting
a background, a roadmap, on how these various technologies are fitting in
with each other for the bigger picture. It’s been very useful in that regard,"
Budd says.

This conference offers an early look at technology development projects
that NASA Dryden may have to support down the road in five to10 years,
so that’s helpful, according to Budd.

Regarding what NASA Dryden brings to the table in all this, Jerry says that
Dryden exists as the system integrator to bring these technologies for
validation in an actual flight environment.

"At the end of the day, you have to figure out whether things actually work
in flight, and if not, why not? Our role is to make this happen."