The Two Faced Titan

By Sarra Hilali

The game this year has been interesting and a complete surprise from FIRST. Usually FIRST will give you a ‘box’ to stay in at the beginning of the game and as the game moves along you can design the robot so that it will move out of the box (this is usually important when making a claw or some other mechanism that is meant to grab things). But this year the box with dimensions for the robot is fixed throughout the entire game. Not only that but each robot is to be attached to a trailer where balls are supposed to be scored into on separate alliances). To add to that this year the playing field floor is completely different in the sense that the flooring is no longer carpet….but plastic that acts like ice for the robots, not to mention the fact that there are certain wheels that each team is required to use. Here’s a link so that you can learn more about the game.

Finally after about a week and three days into the 2009 season we have picked our robot! YAY!!! We have named our robot the Twoface Titan for the idea that it can be two robots in one. The bottom part of the robot is the 2006 season robot while the top hopper can be used to have the human player throw in balls into trailer.  I am extremely excited that the robot has been picked and we can truly get on with the real fun part…BUILDING!

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