By Sarra Hilali

So the prototyping begins for the Two Face Titan…
In regards to the rollers that are supposed to be in the bottom part of the robot we identified that it would be more efficient to have one roller rather than two. We reconnected the old robot from the 2006 FIRST game and found out that the second roller does not help bring in or ‘spit’ out balls that rather one roller works just as well.
We’ve done much prototyping with the top hopper, experimenting with a rough wooden model that is slightly smaller in size compared to the actual size it’s supposed to be. On the inside width of the box we attached a slanted piece of plywood on each side this way when you throw balls into the hopper they sort of roll into the middle; then we can control them more. This slanted side also provides that the length of the front is two balls wide rather than four. By having the width only two balls wide when the balls are ‘dumped’ into the trailer they supposedly all go in rather than having balls flop out around the trailer. There has also been another suggestion of using polycarb and bending it into a sort of half sphere shape, like a scoop as the top hopper. It has also been brought up that we may not use a door to let the balls out rather have a roller to shoot the balls out.

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  1. NASA technology fascinates me. So what is the mission of this robot? A picture of this robot would be really cool. I think it would be really cool to listen audio books about how nasa engineer these kind of devices. I wish we had a more general idea of what new technology NASA is coming out with.

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  3. Very informative indeed!!! This could create another discovery which is so important for today.


    Eidderf of

  4. Can you show us a picture of this robot? Is it slated for a future space mission? I read that other earth-based products have been adapted to help astronauts while in space. For example the
    and the which are whole body vibration machines designed for weight loss and physical fitness are being used by the space crews to stay in shape. What an awesome adaptation by NASA!

  5. Nice Post,

    This is an awesome way for kids to develop an interest in robotics and science. I wish you the best!

  6. I agree a roller to shoot the balls out would be much better. It would be great if you could add pics to your explanations of your blog posts, but if not no problem as I find them interesting anyway.

    Keep up the good work!


  7. Can you show us a picture of this robot? Is it slated for a future space mission? I read that other earth-based products have been adapted to help astronauts while in space.

    Leigh Hunter
    Medical Researcher

  8. Interesting, I would have thought the second roller would have helped pull the balls in. Overall, it's cool seeing all the progress you made in such a short period, and how much success you had as a result!

    Martin Fister

  9. Playing with robots is cool – more so with the new generation super intelligent chaps. I am surprised at what these gizmos have come to do now.

  10. when we will get to see the final prototype, maybe you can create any video to us, and share with or

    We will wait that

  11. Thanks for the info about prototyping Two Face Titan, realy very interesting informations about this robot!

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  13. interesting post, Sarra! Hope you can make the good one for NASA!

    NB: Yeah.. i wanna see the Robots, don't have a pic?

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