Go Space Cookies

Silicon Valley Regional this year was simply put…AMAZING.
We were placed 14 out of 48 and at one point in the competition we actually placed fourth. Because we have an amazing driver as well as human player we were chosen as a member in one of the top alliances. We were so excited because it’s been about four years since we were chosen for such a prestigious position. Not only that but we beat some of the top teams and made it to the FINAL ROUND!!!!!!! Although we did not win the final round we are so happy to have made it so high in the competitions. WOW.
After finals we had pretty much thought that the second place runner up was the only award that we were going to get.
BUT boy were we wrong! We won the ENGINEERING INSPIRATION AWARD which is the second highest award at a FIRST competition. We won it because of our endless outreach to the greater community and younger girls. This means  we get to go to championships in ATLANTA. =)
The entire team can be easily labeled as speechless because our hard earned work has been awarded. GO SPACE COOKIES!!!!!