J-2X Progress: Engine Assembly Complete

Just by chance, did you happen to see the title for this article?  If not, please allow me the indulgence of repeating it…


Okay, I’m not ashamed.  That felt good!  We’ve all been working a long time to get to hoot and howl a bit about this.  Wahoo!  We are now officially into the next phase for J-2X development engine E10001. 

Here, below on the left, was the engine sitting all cozy where it was assembled.

And on the right is the engine being lifted up and out of the assembly deck via an overhead crane.  The techs then walked the engine out to the loading dock.  There it was carefully loaded onto and mounted to a flatbed truck.

And next, our intrepid little will engine will brave the Mississippi heat on a gonzo road trip across the NASA Stennis Space Center to take up residence at the test stand.  More on that coming soon!

6 thoughts on “J-2X Progress: Engine Assembly Complete”

  1. Thanks a lot William, for your excellent explications of all that it takes to get us “up there”!
    Congratulations with the Assembly Complete achievement, and good luck on testing.

  2. I travel from Texas to Mobile several times a year. I would really love to catch a test on one of my trips. Will Stennis announce test dates in advance?

    Thanks for a wonderful blog. While our nation flounders in many ways, you guys demonstrate our ability to imagine and create.


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