J-2X Extra: From Concept to Hot Fire

Around here, like most everywhere else, we’re winding down to the end of the year, into the holiday season, and towards the promise of the coming New Year.  This has been one heck of a year!

As a final treat from the realm of J-2X development, I have the video below to share.  The author/director of this creative piece is Paul Gradl, a friend of mine, a coworker on the J-2X development effort, and a superb engineer with a technical background in combustion devices design and analysis.  He came up with the notion of stringing together the J-2X development process starting with conceptual design, then detailed design and analysis, through fabrication and assembly, and finally into full-scale hot-fire testing.  Working with the local NASA video specialists, Paul assembled this piece and the result is truly excellent.  Thank you, Paul.


Happy holidays to everyone

5 thoughts on “J-2X Extra: From Concept to Hot Fire”

  1. I’m writing a 3D engineering article for Creo Parametric. Your blog has been fascinating and I’m wondering if you would contact me by email? I have a few questions about how the team has used Creo throughout this process and wonder if you could shed a little light on an article about the J-2X for me. Thanks and have a great weekend!

  2. Regarding the music. Paul Gradl, the producer/director/writer of that video had to use royalty-free music in order to display this piece and distribute it widely per NASA rules. Often, figuring out any information about royalty-free music is not easy, but Paul was able to find out that the music was created by a studio artist named Mark Moore. The site where Paul found this music is called non stop music. Good luck.

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