7 thoughts on “Moving Information Technology Mountains with Mustard Seed Innovation”

  1. Vision and plans, absolutely, but do not get caught in the paralysis of analysis. The customer only waits so long before moving on to the next prospective vendor. The vision must be shared and understood; the plans must be inclusive and supported both up and down and across the line. The enthusiasm must be carried forward and shared to foster it within the masses. The first job of the visionary leader is to communicate “The Vision” and make it enthrall and excite. The movement must started and capitalized on while the mood of all is excited for change. All are waiting and all are getting excited. Channeling the excitement towards the objectives and goals that is the visionary leaders second job and challenge!

  2. I well that I try to be this grain of mustard. It is a penalty that although my NASA efforts not yet have said me that I am extremely capable to improve the flavor of what in makes them happy: the space and the life in it. I waited in this year. I wait that in 2010 let us can all advance far. I collaborate gratuitously with NASA in the hope that, more than what NASA already contributes feeding my hunger of knowledge, NASA contributes fomenting, stimulating, livening up, my capacity of creation. If NASA to know to shelter under its collaborating desirous wing as I, so that he assumes responsibilities, for me, believe that much we will evolve. We must be in advantage to excessively, and impaciento me with bred difficulties fully you skirted if we have all good will. I have made my part and I do not want to cross the street so that they give a little to me of sugar. If each day will be necessary more will commit harmless errors, to only be capable, and debtor, of pardon for that they erram with me.
    Admirable Linda Cureton, I wait sincerely that its text has to be able to make gift what it seems to be a recommendation for future: I believe that since already if it gives good treatment to the leaders of NASA. They are deserving not alone for the courage, also for the historical victories. Yes, they are the mustards that give a special flavor. Happinesses in in the year of 2010. That God (advantageous possibility in relation to the nothing, affirmed to be in the faith) blesses it, so that you has much health and joy. That all its personal and professional projects if carry through. Happy 2010!

  3. Linda Cureton. I think that in addition to mustard, we need to pepper, which are larger and require the rapid response, opening the appetite. How are delicious innovations that are born small as mustard and already have strong flavor, and the movement of fast evolution, as that promoted by pepper … that thirst, that desire to put something else in the mouth to relieve the spicy flavor. Meets all this, mustard, pepper (and onion, that makes me cry and reminds us that the greatest delight is made with love) with a good piece of meat, juicy, preferably baked, which is the consistency that keeps us standing whole structure of NASA, physical and intellectual, personal and instrumental, it is a banquet to toast the meetings in the eternal search for knowledge. A good leader must know this recipe to be good, to please the palate of all and also need to be fast: it takes longer to bake a lot, and hungry all of these developments. The best of the information is accurate, but is more efficient if it is also rapid. Accuracy and fast. If the stomach takes too long people in the room waiting for you call the kitchen starts to growl, shake and risky someone yell, “I can fry an egg until it leaves the roast?”. It is true that this will interfere with the hunger and taste, what may cried satisfied with little and enjoy your meal. Linda Cureton, really needs to meet the leader and their followers, believing that lead before everything is headed to deliver, adding and catering needs, creating a moral debt higher than that led by their own will try to pay off. It really is like a dinner, where everyone at the table and leader meets with the satisfaction of subordinates. More than the dish itself, the real satisfaction is the plate and deal. Happy 2010!

  4. Hello, my name is Alexander Cioaba, I am a 21 year old from Romania, Europe, i have no tehnical expertise(graduating an fizics faculty) or something like that, but i have an idee, a dream you can call that has been bugging me for quity some while and i just cant get it out of my head. It is about one of the biggest problem that manking is being faced right now. On how to get out of the gravitational pool of earth and get into space. I thing that nasa is going in the wrong direction in reserching rocket technology,i think we have better totaly different technology’s at our disposal an you have faild to notice them. If you are willing to consider my proposal, it will only take me 5 min of your time for me to explain it to you. Maybe we can make this word a better place 🙂 I have contacted you this way because i know no other meens

  5. It all leads back to the same fact, I came to terms with this having read dale carnegie's – how to win friends and influence people. As soon as you come to the realistion that each and everyone of us believes the whole world rotates around our own center, knowing this makes developing and selling products and services and understand people much easier. People can now create their 'own' world online they are not just another internet surfer but with twitter, facebook and the likes you can create your own identity and importance, the more important someone is made to feel the more likely they are going use your product/service or even just listen to you. We provide services and there is nothing better for profitability than treating each and everyone of your clients/customers as if they are your only client customer.

  6. Greetings. I am some what of a technowhimp in many ways. I did not know where else to send this idea.So I will ask the question are we expecting to find life on venus?If not would it not be within our power to cool it with a nuke winter?Neutron bombs would lessen radiation effects.Just a thought.

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