The Bossy CIO

Everyone is asking me about the latest reorganization in NASA.  In particular, the Center CIOs now report to me.  They ask, so it must be great that all the Center CIOs all belong to you.  The reality is that there’s not much truth to that.  The reality is that I now belong to all of THEM.

John C. Maxwell describes in The 21 Indispensible Qualities of a Leader the value of Servanthood.  He notes that we all notice in the service industry when a worker doesn’t really want to help people.  People can detect easily in a leader’s heart.  The best leaders serve others and not themselves. 

It’s funny where you find leadership lessons.  I found one on this topic in a children’s book by Joy Berry called Being Bossy: Help Me Be Good.  It was left behind by my adorable niece Alyssa who mercilessly bossed around her big brother Brandon.  You can read a story about Katie and Tami and learn about being bossy. 

The author says that,

“No one likes to be bossed around.  Giving into a bossy person runs counter to human nature.  Most people do not want to relinquish control of their lives to someone else.  Therefore, it is normal and even healthy when children resist being bossed by another person.”

Here are some characteristics of bossy people.  They:

·         Want to have their way all the time.

·         Like to tell others what to do.

·         Think they know the best for everyone.

·         Expect others to obey them.

·         Try to bribe, threaten, or bribe others.

Maxwell goes on to describe qualities of true Servant Leadership.

1.      Puts others ahead of his own agenda.

2.      Possesses the confidence to serve

3.      Initiates service to others.

4.      Is not position conscious.

5.      Serves out of love.


Berry reminds of how temptations of being the boss can cause you to not “be a good person” and Maxwell reminds us of the high accountability that truly goes with successful servant leadership.  Many of the people that we lead would prefer to do something else; or not risk their lives; or not do what we want all of the time.  Even if it takes a quick reminder out of a children’s book, we shouldn’t forget that major leadership lesson.

 Linda Cureton, NASA CIO

7 thoughts on “The Bossy CIO”

  1. Linda, you are such an inspiration woman – a talented leader…one who truly owns her responsibility for exceptional leadership. Thank you for being you – and, more importantly, thank you for sharing your journey.


  2. I like his professionalism and his willingness to train leaders, Linda Cureton. It’s dignified.

    I believe that the best leadership, who makes things happen fluidity, is where the leader led to ask what, how, where, when, instead of leading order. This is a sign that the will of the lead. The leader gives the safety and security of achievement. � clear that most of the time the leader should order, but the manifestation of the will of the led should be taken as a major premise for the findings. A virtuous cycle must be formed between leaders and led, which is shared knowledge, will and determination.

    And without being “bossy” of course, because this only serves to stress. You have only two choices, either good or evil is. Neither option is easy and people suffer, since evil is praised in his tiny kindness and good is charged to your inevitable error. But it pays to be good, is good: the results are safe and palpable. Being evil, the result is dangerous and perishable. It’s a math question. Applied mathematics to philosophy: all that is good is always classified as a positive thing, content, conjunctiva. The bad thing is that subtracts, does not exist or exists in a negative way.

    By passing the rule to determine the outcome of the accounts, we should be with a positive balance. This is a least we can do. Now, if you want to be rich in every way, be good. Nothing is better than a clear conscience.

  3. And are you a Practising Embodiment and Live Mentor to Servant Leaderships, Linda? Which would no doubt be quite a Stellar Source Extraordinarily Rendered to CyberIntelAIgent Security Software Systems for Quantum Control of Earthed Energy Resources with Special Virtual Terrain Team Territory Forces.

    Leading Red Hot Teams on Earthy AIMissions.

  4. Indeed, that is why I am my own boss in business.

    And that is why I do my best to allow people to be who they truly are and not impose my perspectives on them

    Variety is the spice of life afterall!

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