5 thoughts on “CIO New Year Resolutions: Release 2011”

  1. Reminds of Murphy’s Law & Peter’s Principles… lol. You need to design an artistic concept to go with the language! Something to post on my desk wall to remind myself of how important being a role model must be. Well thought out. Congratulations!

  2. You will do fine, Linda, especially with the “personal resolutions.” I often ask team members and coworkers, as I am not a manager, for “constructive criticism,” knowing that this is an important learning tool (see #1). However, I never receive it… isn’t that funny? If you ask for solid, contructive criticism folks seem reticient to oblige, but don’t ask for it and it comes in buckets! Happy New Year!

  3. For some reason the timing and content of your post has struck me as particularly inspiring. I am very low on rest so I’ll do my best with this “comment”.

    I have had many unexpected events happen in my life over the course of 2010. I took what might be considered a leap of faith and walked away from friends and family considered of “wonderful” job. I chose to do this to pursue my passion for information. As a child, this manifested primarily in Science and Nature but as a young adult with a new family I’ve rediscovered my passion for technology. After starting on this new path I quickly discovered my wonderful wife is pregnant with our second child. This, in turn, made it very clear that I need to start to make my mark in this rapidly growing world. I decided to build a foundation for myself with a few certifications I wanted for myself that would give me a better idea of where I wanted to head. I choose Networking and Security and decided I want to pursue Information Security. This was partially fueled by a very appealing a Job position I found available at the University of Alabama at Huntsville for a Security Officer. I thought “I would want to do that, I could make a difference”. The problem is, this is a new path and I need a start and a mentor. I never expected to come across a New Year resolution that I felt so strongly I should comment on, but I did (and it is strange how I got here).

    I couldn’t pass on the chance to thank you for the post and humbly ask for any guidance you can spare. I know this is way out of left field but you’re the CIO of NASA! You put yourself out there with the post so I felt “nothing ventured, nothing gained” and there is a world of opportunity waiting for me. Maybe it’s the recent lack of sleep that put this particular blog post into such a unique personal focus but I have a much stronger feeling that I’m just finding my way.

  4. Thank you Linda. It is refreshing to see a leader not afraid to ‘raise the bar’ for themselves. At our agency we’ve had a heck of year and I feel about as threadbare as Charlie Brown’s Christmas Tree. You’ve made me pause and think and smile. You’ve inspired me. I think you’ll do just fine.

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