International Space Apps Challenge: Carbs, Caffeine, and Coders

NASA’s OpenGovernment Team saw a great turnout in citizens from around the world gatheringfor 48 hours to develop software code, technology, and solutions.  Teams from every continent gathered to solvechallenges that were relevant to both space exploration and social need.   From4/21-22, 2,083 collaborators from 111 organizations in 25 cities and 17countries addressed 71 challenges.  They created101 unique solutions in 48 hours with 50 submitted for global judging.

I had thepleasure of manning the San Francisco site. It was unseasonably warm in SFO – a sweltering 85 degrees.  The coders consumed massive quantities ofwaffles, bagels, and pizza to fuel their passion for space and their strongdesire to contribute to outcomes that improved life for all of us on this amazingblue marble.  Tech Shop, which gives the initialimpression of a high school shop class, provided the perfect atmosphere for themakers and shakers. 

Collaborators working on solutions

Here are afew examples from some of the sites:

 ·        SatelliteData Correlation System

·        LunarTerrain Roughness Mapper

·        WaterSampling System

 Challengeslike these engage citizens in a meaningful way. It taps into the collective creativity of the crowd and fostersco-creation that quickly and cost-effectively helps agencies advance theirmission. 


LindaCureton, NASA CIO