STS-117 (Mission to the ISS) Ready for Launch

Atlantis is ready for launch today at 7:38 PM ET.  If you get a chance to see the launch on TV this evening, then the NASA EDGE team would like to hear your thoughts on the launch.  First time shuttle launch viewer? Did you watch it live?  We want to hear the details.

  Space Shuttle Atlantis

NASA EDGE will be traveling to NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in early August to view the launch of STS-118.  We are looking forward to the experience.  We had the pleasure of seeing Atlantis at the pad in person a few weeks ago when we were filming at KSC for an upcoming show (surprise).  What a sight to see. By the way, Franklin and I were not too happy with Blair during our visit to KSC.  Maybe Blair can explain…

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9 thoughts on “STS-117 (Mission to the ISS) Ready for Launch”

  1. I think that Franklin and Chris are just unhappy with Blair because they don’t understand how his mind works.

    I am sure that he had a very pleasant visit. If there is anything strange in the NASA EDGE road show, I am sure it is a result of editing.

    The Goofy Co-Host’s Mother

  2. Seems to me that the host is unnecessarily hard on the co-host.

    Blair … what happened?

  3. Wait until Show 6 is released. Then Blair can give his side of the story.


  4. I love this new program. I think it fills a gap on the NASA TV feeds. Great idea who ever got it started!
    New Hampshire

  5. Dana,

    Thank you for the positive comment. NASA EDGE was an idea Blair and I had about a year ago. We wanted to try something different and unique for NASA.

    All the best,

  6. One thing I always find interesting is that the astronauts are presented a cake, which they are not able to eat, before they go into space. I’ve heard rumors that the cake is marble and given to the employees after the launch, but I have no idea how they tradition started. Any ideas?

  7. Rachel,

    Good question. I am with a few astronauts here in Glasgow, Scotland. I’ll ask them tonight and get back to you.

    NASA EDGE Host

  8. Rachel,

    I spoke with two astronauts yesterday evening and one can’t remember any cakes being made before flight and the other said his crew had a cake baked before flight (which they didn’t eat) and then the crew had a few pieces when they returned. Both astronauts didn’t realize there was a cake tradition. Maybe it’s a new tradition.


  9. How I wish to know all of you in person. Ive never witnessed an STS launch in my life. I hope that in the near future, I also have the chance to meet astronaut Jos� Moreno Herndandez (astronaut class 2004) and he is waiting for a flight. I helped him with some translation for his foundation.

    Chris, Blair and Brandon: you have a friend in Monterrey, remember that. By the way…NASA fellows were south Nuevo Leon State (the state where I live) and came here to do some research. Others came to Tamaulipas (our next Mexican state neighbor to the right) and came here doing research. It actually appeared in one NASA webpage.

    I am very interested in space debris (I know Dr Kessler very well)..You guys always remember: Keep LEO clean. Tell that to the astronauts you talk to.- They�ll understand.

    Big Hugs to NASA Edge family.
    Your Mexican friend,
    Monterrey, NL

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