NASA EDGE in Glasgow,Scotland

Well…Blair is acting host of NASA EDGE while I’m on a NASA education expedition in Glasgow, Scotland. A NASA team of scientists, engineers, and educators from Johnson Space Center, Langley Research Center, and other institutions are working with the Careers Scotland Space School.  NASA EDGE is assisting Chuck Lloyd (JSC) and his 21st Century Explorer School program. There are also astronauts, engineers, and scientists traveling to a number of schools around the city to speak with students and teachers about NASA. So far it’s been a pretty good trip.  I am writing this blog from the University of Strathclyde.  Below is a picture taken from the tower of the Glasgow Science Center.  The cool looking bridge was completed last year.

I hope Blair can hold up the fort and complete his homework at the same time.

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  1. It is true! Chris has given me full Host status in his absence. I really want to make sure things go very well. I look at this as my opportunity to reshape some of the core NASA EDGE values and principles in a way that celebrate the Co-Host.

    1. For this week only… Everyone is host.
    2. All staff should greet each other by saying, “Hello, and may magnetoshperence be low for you today.”
    3. All chairs must be adjusted so that no one sits higher than I do.
    4. This Friday will be Freeze Dried Friday. You can only eat freeze dried astronaut food… all day.
    5. Ask Brandon to wash my car in such a way the he thinks he is preparing for his upcoming moonbuggy race.

    More policy to follow. I love being the host.


    P.S. I just wish Chris had decided to let me host a show. Well, I can still dream

  2. Stuart wrote:

    “Glasgow, my hometown, and strathclyde, my uni.

    How did you find glasgow?

    Oh and the bridge is called the “squinty” bridge, because of the angle of it. Amazing to hear that you have seen it and thought it was cool, considering all the amazing engineering feats there are in the states.



    *Note – We cannot use external links due to NASA rules and regulations.

    Thank you,

    The Co-Host

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