Brandon begins workout!

I got my first look at Brandon’s athleticism today.  If he drives the Moonbuggy with the same gritty determinism he brings to all other physical exercises, then this should be no contest.

Here is a quick look at some of what I saw:

NASA Langley Security clocked Brandon at 12mph in the suit.

He shot 17% better than the Cavs have shot in the NBA finals.

He was uncovered for the dunk, but it was still impressive considering the Earth’s gravity.

If you’re interested, Brandon has mapped out a 10k post lunch running route…

Then it’s back to the weight room to work the legs.

For you doubters…

I do have some concerns about Brandon.  You should too…

For the record, he was unable to snag an energy drink.  Since the photo, he has placed himself on a voluntary “water only” beverage regimen, and he only had to make minor repairs on the drink machine.

Overall, a nice workout.  I think he’ll have no trouble in the upcoming Moonbuggy race.  Although, he still needs a teammate.

Anyone interested?


19 thoughts on “Brandon begins workout!”

  1. What about Rachel. She seemed interested in the race.

    2 On Jun 07, 2007 09:19:40 PM Rachel wrote:
    Hmmm you guys think you have the best of the LARSS student’s? We’ll have to see about that.

  2. Well, I don’t recall seeing any other LARSS team folk in the gym, on the leg machine, running suicide sprints in authentic astronaut gear, or doing anything even resembling a fast walk.

    I don’t want to start any trouble, but there is no question about it. We have the alpha athelete. We were reviewing his DNA in the laboratory the other day, and I am not sure he isn’t a super hero.

    So bring it, if you’ve got it.

    Unless you have a really fast 40 yard dash… we still need a teammate.

    The Host
    (Host until Chris returns from Scotland)

  3. “Although, he still needs a teammate.”

    Hmmm. Maybe… oh, say…



  4. Bob,

    The teams have to be girl/guy or guy/girl. So, I can’t be on Brandon’s team. Besides, I am his coach and personal hero. Historically, the Moonbuggy competitions don’t allow player/coach entries.


  5. When the host is away the co-host plays. Just make sure our summer student is ready for the Moonbuggy race in July.

    I expect a full debrief when I return to the office on Monday.


  6. Dear NASA Edge Host (Chris),
    I have an idea of who can accompany Brandon on the moonbuggy races. We have a fantastic up and coming tv personality at JSC who might fit the bill for the races, and maybe you could indoctrate her on how to be an effective co-host while she is there by letting her be your NASA Edge co-host for a bit…just for practice. What do you think?
    Let me know…

    PS She can pronounce “pack-pack” as “back pack”, like normal people do! (Unlke your current NASA Edge Co-Host…)

  7. Dear Lisa,

    I am forwarding your name to the committee for finding Brandon a Teammate. If they are smart, they will move you to the top of the list. You would be awesome.

    Book your flight now.


    P.S. Thanks for reminding me about the “Pack Pack” Do you remember “The Smiths?”

  8. I don’t know about Brandon, but don’t tell this to my goofy co-host. He would eat all the equipment before he starts on his mission. Infact, he would probably eat his mic…..wait a minute….Brandon are you ready to take over as co-host?

  9. Yeah, Blair would probably eat the moonbuggy before any mission were complete, especially if it were made out of animal crackers. After 3 weeks of studying Blair in action I am completely ready to take over co-host responsiblity. All I require in my contract is a clause specifying that someone else must inform my family that I am dropping out of college to pursue my true calling in moonbuggy racing.

    Pro Moonbuggy Racer

  10. Brandon,

    I really thought you were making progress. Now, I see, you have taken a step back.

    First, I am sure that what I do LOOKS easy. That is the first rule of professionalism. I am so great at Co-Hosting the show that I make most people think that they can do it as well.

    Second, if you didn’t want me eating your animal crackers, you shouldn’t have offered.

    Third, true co-hosts don’t race, they coach. Drop and give me twenty. The race is in 5 days.

    The Goofy Co-Host/Coach

  11. Brandon,
    May I have an animal cracker? I know Im in Monterrey Mexico, but ….NASA has many planes and spacecraft…doesn�t it?

  12. Brandon: May I have an animal cracker? I know Im in Monterrey Mexico, but NASA has many planes and spacecraft, doesn�t it? But my favorite one is the big cookie NASA sells at Kennedy (or JSC?): a big, big dried Oreo-vanilla cookie…animal crackers are healthier though..(but not as delicious)

  13. Robert wrote:

    “No energy drink when you’re flying to the moon!”

    Note: We cannot use external links due to NASA rules and regulations.


    The Co-Host

  14. “Thank you for this wonderful post about Moonbuggy race..”

    Note: We cannot use external links due to NASA rules and regulations.


    The Co-Host

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