New CEV Design

Teachers from Scotland complete their new exploration spacecraft design during the 21st Century Explorer Teacher Workshop at the University of StrathClyde in Glasgow. 

Note:  Flat Gorby was honored as being the first Astrodog to fly the new vehicle.

New exploration spacecraft design

4 thoughts on “New CEV Design”

  1. I would think that the winning spaceship configuration would at least include an empty bottle from that nation’s leading beverage!

  2. Dear Hotlanta Bill,

    You would think! However, the nation’s leading beverage company clearly hasn’t penetrated the Scottish market completely. The contest mentioned above was based there. I am not sure who the Scots’ leading beverage company is, but it is possible that it doesn’t come in a plastic bottle… maybe from the highlands…


  3. Aaahhhh the peat…ye mite be recallin me friend Blair…the lassies look a smilin in that photo…might just have finished an 18 yo single malt along the veranda prior to that pose!

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