Nice Try Chris

I’ve always had my suspicions that Chris was jeaolous of me and all that I am. 

I must say I never expected it to manifest in this way. 

Of course, I realize I am on thin ice (criticizing a sitting NASA EDGE Host while he’s on foreign soil,) but something has to be said.  Chris, run a comb through the hair before the picture.  Do something.  Show some self respect…

It is clear.  You need to be schooled in the Art of Blair.  It is more than the hair.  Oh, so much more. 

When you return, I will begin your training.  I hope that you’re up to all that it takes to be THE Coolest, shortest, hottest, red-headed Host of NASA EDGE.

4 thoughts on “Nice Try Chris”

  1. No comment….

    We had a very successful teacher workshop. The Scottish teachers went away with tons of information on NASA and the 21st Century Explorer activities. Astronaut Mike Baker gave a wonderful presentation on the ISS and his 4 shuttle missions.

    The picture of the co-host and the set therapist is coming very soon!


  2. Wow….what a woman! Have you considered participating in Miss Universe contest? And…how do you keep your hair that curly? I have problems with mine.

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