NASA EDGE Wins MoonBuggy Race…

Victory is Sweet!!!!!

We won. 

It wasn’t easy, but we kicked moonbuggy this morning.  Granted, I actually didn’t actually drive or ride in the winning buggy.  I was simply the coach, but I am extremely proud of both Chris and Brandon.  Their dedication, hard work, and commitment to ‘energy drinks’ paid dividends today.  As their coach, I want to celebrate them in pictures.

We have the best fans on the planet.

Brandon had his own subset of fans.  Nice picture, but has he listened to his coach?  We will see.

It was very tense at the starting line.  The time to beat…  2:28.

Nano seconds after this pic, the NASA EDGE Team recorded the winning time.

My son told me that our unofficial time was 2:21… turned out he was right.

Brandon, you didn’t just survive.  You rocked!  And so did Chris.  Good job guys.

Next year, we tackle the moon buggy track at Marshall Space Flight Center.  Kind of like coaching the college and the professional game.

Maybe they’ll make us honorary moon buggy testers for our return to the Moon.  Man, I love NASA.

The Co-Host.

10 thoughts on “NASA EDGE Wins MoonBuggy Race…”

  1. Congratulations Brandon and Chris and of course, Coach Blair
    What’s your next challenge?

  2. Congratulations Brandon and Chris and of course, Coach Blair
    What’s your next challenge?

  3. Thank you to everyone who supported us during the race. Our official time keeper, Charlie, did a great job giving us updates on other times. Coach Blair did a great job getting Brandon into shape and teaching me how to use the “force”. I think the athlete of the day was our set therapist, Ron, because when we came around turn two on the course I saw this guy sprinting like Carl Lewis across the field. I said to myself, “This guy should be on the moonbuggy!”

    Next challenge? Maybe we can get the coach to enter the first hot dog eating contest on the lunar surface.


  4. Go Brandon Go Brandon!!!! How does it feel to be the big winner? We were cheering you on from all the way out in California! Go Brandon!

  5. hey guys! congratulations on your win!!! hope to see you in Huntsville for the national moonbuggy race at the US Space on Rocket Center (space camp) where there will be teams from all over the world competing! both high school and universities from Kansas to Germany will be showing some phat designs…

    saw episode 5 on geocaching at the Space Symposium. thought you did a great job on showing the different aspects/portfolio of NASA from technology to going to the moon and mars!!! i found Ares Upper Stage in my high heeled boots, you didn’t capture that! 😉

    great job and continue the creative viral marketing!


  6. May I be one of your fans too? and…how much for a NASA Edge T-shirt?Hugs from Monterrey, Mexico. Brenda Pulido.

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