NASA EDGE and Genesis II

This is my absolute favorite photo from the upper atmosphere. 

I had no idea that the folks at Genesis II were such fans of the show… or of the Co-Host.

NASA EDGE is clearly breaking new ground here.  This is our first official recognition by the space tourism industry.  If they had contacted me, I could have provided them with a photo.  As it stands, I’ll take the name.

So what is Genesis II?  If you’re like me, you probably thought it was a device that turned small moons into planets that sustain life.  As it turns out, that is not the case.  Genesis II is an experimental space habitat launched by Bigelow Aerospace just last week.  Though it is unmanned, it does include pictures and items provided by paying customers as part of their “Fly Your Stuff” program.

The real purpose, however, is to test systems that will be available on future Bigelow projects… ultimately a space hotel. 

So, what does the future hold?  Clearly a front row seat to observe NASA’s missions from the marvelously appointed “Blair” observation pod.  Ok.  That isn’t true, but a Co-Host can dream, can’t he?

The Co-Host

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  1. Blair, arn’t you everywhere. But since you are “in” (or at least on-top-of) Genesis II, how did the project originally get started?

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