NE@The Gantry

NASA EDGE has launch a new feature called NE@.  These short segments will take a quick look at the exciting research and testing taking place at NASA.  The first short segment, NE@The Gantry takes an inside look at an airbag test for the orion crew module. 

The team at NASA EDGE would like to hear your feedback on this new feature.  The plan is to produce a NE@ in between each new show.  Actually the reason why we are doing this is so that Blair can get the NASA 101 diploma much faster.


2 thoughts on “NE@The Gantry”

  1. Blair,
    The next time you need to make a model, you should really consult an elementary science teacher to help you with your design and subsequent product. (Your black electrical tape on the Orion capsule let me feeling embarrassed that I even knew you! Why not duct tape next time?…I hear it is unbustable…and…resilient to magnetospherence…)
    I have included graph paper for your next sketches and designs…

    Educationally yours,

    PS Chris…did you receive the images I sent you of Blair?

  2. Dear Lisa,

    Great! I would welcome the help when it comes to designing models.

    I would, however, recommend that you rethink your opinion of electrical tape. I like the way the black tape stood out and didn’t blend into the grey color of the Orion. The electrical tape is also thinner than duct tape. As for magnetospherence… remember I used electrical tape. It is much safer to use electrical tape when dealing with magnetospherence.

    Still, your thoughts are encouraging. Perhaps you could encourage your students to build their own drop test models. I would be glad to put my test model up against the best of the best elementary school models. I’d rather get dusted by elementary students than by Chris. They are much more forgiving.

    I’m waiting for your graph paper designs…

    All the best,

    The “Goofy” Co-Host
    Creator of Magnetospherence

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