Real Cool NASA Testing at Work – Desert RATS Preview

Lunar Outpost Concept.  Credit: NASA

Imagine it’s 2020 and astronauts are working side-by-side on the moon with robots assembling the first lunar outpost.  Blair Allen, medianaut and host of NASA EDGE, is filming and recording the construction of the outpost from a distance in his own personally designed spacesuit.  Sound like science fiction?  Well maybe Blair being on the moon does; he still hasn’t achieved insider status.  But astronauts will one-day tag team with robots to build the first lunar outpost.
In fact, tomorrow we are heading out to the Arizona desert to see the Desert RATS in action.  NASA’s Desert Research and Technology Studies (RATS) team will take over the dry dusty desert land of Arizona to test and torment some of the latest vehicles and gear in order to demonstrate operational concepts for lunar outpost assembly.  They also will be testing new spacesuit designs and measure human-robot interaction.

The Desert RATS will be featured in an upcoming show of NASA EDGE where we take a look at some lunar architecture concepts and understand what it will take to live on the moon.  Oh by the way, remember we will be in the desert for quite some time and I am a little worried about Blair.  We need to remind him to drink plenty of water and watch out for the scorpions and tarantulas.  He is still searching for that radioactive spider that will allow him to crawl up buildings.  We may have to put a leash on him.

We’ll post again on September 13 to share our adventures out in the Arizona desert.


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  1. That sounds good, I wonder who will be the lucky one to enjoy working on the project. I am only working with ROV at the moment but who knows one day…

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