NASA EDGE Crew Behind the Scenes

NASA EDGE has officially been around since March 19, 2007.  We’ve been to NASA Langley,  NASA Kennedy, NASA Johnson Space Center, NASA Glenn Research Center, and a number of states from California to North Carolina.  You’ve seen Chris, Blair, and Franklin take an inside and outside look at all things NASA.  But what about the NASA EDGE crew behind the scenes?

Franklin Fitzgerald (News Anchor), Ron Beard (Videographer), and Don Morrison (Systems Engineer) working on an ESA segment.  Credit: NASA EDGE

The show wouldn’t be possible without the experience and expertise of Ron Beard (Videographer, Editor, and Set Therapist) and Don Morrison (Systems Engineer).

Ron is the glue that holds our team together.  When Blair, the Goofy Co-host, gets out of line in the studio or out on the road, we call on Ron to reel him back in.  Ron has been working at NASA Langley Research Center for a number of years.  He’s worked on NASA CONNECT and The NASA SciFiles, both Emmy Award winning programs.  He works his tail off to make sure we look decent on camera.

Don Morrison, a systems engineer at NASA Langley, is our audio guru and anything else electrical.  Anytime we have a piece of equipment that is not working properly, he’s there to fix it.  He prefers not to use duct tape to make it work.

So there’s the team.  Oh by the way, we’ve added a behind the scenes secret weapon to the team.  We’ll provide more info later.


3 thoughts on “NASA EDGE Crew Behind the Scenes”

  1. That is cool. I still wonder what the seceret weapon is. I never knew that a team of about 5 people could have a cool show.

  2. Did I see Blair ‘hosing’ rain on the character ‘Dr.D’ in the outtakes at the end of a NASA ‘Sci Files’ episode? Hmmmm? Are we gong to have any visitors from other NASA shows on ‘Edge’? Be kinda funny if, say.. Bianca caught Blair in a “Doh!” moment I think..

  3. It’s been a year, where is the secret weapon or did I miss something?

    Is it sooo secret YOU guys don’t know what it is either? That’s a black project if I ever didn’t see one. 😉

    Seriously, can’t wait to see it..or did I miss it?? Am I too soon?? Help?

    Chris (not host, not ‘hosin” ya..)

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