Tearing Up the Road Behind Pad 39B

NASA EDGE puts the M113 through its paces.

The M113.  Credit: Don Morrison, NASA EDGE

Chris and Blair become temporary pit crewmembers for NASA’s emergency egress vehicle down at Kennedy Space Center.  Load up into the M113 with NASA EDGE and Ken Miller (Space Gateway Support – SGS) as they talk about egress fashion etiquette, driver intelligence, and height requirements.  0-45 in 6.6 seconds never felt faster.  It’s a good thing the M113 has treads; otherwise Blair would cause the wheels to come off.  You can download this segment from the NASA EDGE website the first week in December.  We have to wait until NASA 5.0 comes on-line.

The M113 flying by Pad 39B.
The M113 flying by Pad 39B. Credit: Don Morrison, NASA EDGE

Host note:

What an experience to ride in the M113 behind Pad 39B at NASA Kennedy Space Center. What started out as a tour ended up becoming an NE@ segment.  NASA EDGE would like to thank Sam Gutierrez, SGS Public Affairs and Government Relations Manager, Ken Miller, Battalion Chief for Cape Canaveral Spaceport, and Manny Virata, Public Affairs Officer – NASA Kennedy Space Center for making this experience happen.

Co-Host note:

Ditto to what the host said!  And to the Kennedy leadership…  If one of these cruisers ever goes into liquidation, NASA EDGE would like first dibs on the bidding.  Out and out buying one may be the only way I ever get to drive the M113.

8 thoughts on “Tearing Up the Road Behind Pad 39B”

  1. That looks really cool! Say, are there really hight requirements just to drive that thing? It looks great, but would look even better if they came in assorted colors. Why are they only light yellow? Any good reason?
    And, I don’t think that they would ever go into auction, not for a couple of years, probably.

  2. hey you are looking at a military troop transport so NO it will not come to stores and NO!!!! you can not buy one any where!!!!

  3. “Are these tanks for combats too?”

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    The Co-Host

  4. Kevin,

    That’s funny! But the M113’s at use at NASA are not for combat at all. I’m sure at one point they could hold their own (before NASA,) but they are now exclusively used for safety in the event of an incident out at the Pad.

    All the best,

    The Co-Host

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