Lunar Architecture and the Desert RATS

Let me start by saying congratulations to the Atlantis Crew of STS-122 for a successful launch.  The NASA EDGE Team watched it on NASA TV through the NASA Portal.   We never get tired of watching shuttle launches, even though Blair misses the shuttle dogs from the STS-118 launch.  He still claims they are fat free but that’s debatable.  I wonder if he ever passed his physical the week we returned from Kennedy.

NASA EDGE Show 10 (or vodcast 10) is now ready for download.  On this episode we highlight the lunar architecture and the D-RATS crew.  I believe our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs – NASA jargon), Geoff Yoder and Pat Troutman, did a great job giving an overview of the architecture.  I am still a little ticked off that Pat joked my NASA EDGE shirt live on camera.  I just wished I could of thought of a good come back line within the 5 second limit.  Oh well.  We had a lot of fun talking to the guys and they are welcomed back anytime.

Frank Delgado explaining to Blair Allen the buyer incentive options for the SCOUT Rover. Credit: NASA/Ron Beard

I think Frank Delgado was a little surprised when Franklin and Blair first asked him about the buyer incentive package for the SCOUT Rover.   I think the rover actually gets better gas mileage than Blair’s old 84 Corolla.  I can’t believe he actually drives that pink car to work everyday.  Maybe that’s why it’s hard for him to achieve insider status.

Anyway, we all had a great time hanging out with Frank, Joe Kosmo, Barbara Romig and the rest of the D-RATS.  They are paving the way for lunar exploration down the road.  Hopefully we’ll be invited back later this year and get a chance to change the Rover tire just like we did down in Daytona.  Should be fun.

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7 thoughts on “Lunar Architecture and the Desert RATS”

  1. Shuttle Dogs can be fat-free. You simply need to incorporate fat-free items wherever you can down the ingredient list. The brats (external tanks) are tricky, but not impossible to get fat-free.

    Back to D-RATS. We should create some culinary treat for the D-RATS team. Desert Brats. Maybe a dessert. Something with Oreo wheels, perhaps.

    Well, time for a snack…

    The Co-Host.

  2. Hi Everybody From Italy.
    Many thanks to Nasa Tv becouse give me a possibility to see the immage of the lunch of the Sts-122 is a great view!!!!I look all 8 hours to preparation to lunch from the check the tank to lunch the shuttle.
    Now with Nasa Internet tv I see all World of expeditions and more educationals video for learning me. In Italy comes a good’s image of ISS is wonderfull. A special Greating for the Europe Astronate now assembly the new module COLUMBUS The Italy is are with YOURS!!!!
    Thanks @ All Nasa for Educational all people !!!!!!And thanks @ all Astronaut’s He working for Us in the Space. Good Luck Everyone!!!! See ya From Italy Francesco (Oristano-Sardinia)Now I waiting the aprouch with a moon for the secont time ;�)

  3. Wow, this really looks cool. I also watched the liftoff from my school. It was successful, Thank God! I was a bit nervous because of the past fuel sensory problem.
    It is so cool that you guys get to test the D-RATS! They are so cool!!! ^_^


  4. I love the new lunar roving machines that you guys drove and the new one that I saw on NASA tv that had 6 wheels and 6 wheel drive. Whatta contraption! Got to keep in mind the lunar terrain and the fact there ain’t gonna be a garage that it can be hauled to and fixed..Kinda like the little Martian rover is now making due with one less wheel, yet gets around just fine. Might we one day see the six-wheeled experimental vehicle on NASA Edge? Be too cool if so..

    Chris (not the host)

  5. Very nice. Congratulations to you guys.. Glad i found this post I’ve seen it on internet TV and I felt some interest reading about it.

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    The Co-Host

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