NASA EDGE Wins at Daytona!

Ok, NASA EDGE didn’t win the Daytona, but we did win tons of fans with the inspirational presence of Astronaut Mike Good at the Daytona 500 yesterday.

While it is very cool to compare the technolgy of NASA and NASCAR, it is also awesome to see how fans respond to meeting a NASA Astronaut.  Everybody from Navy Seals to fans interested in string theory seemed to gravitate to the cool cat in the blue suit.  Mike even spent some time talking tires with folks in the pit.  Of course, he also spent a good bit of time signing autographs and answering questions from lots of curious fans.

I absolutely have to get a blue suit for the medianaut/co-host of NASA EDGE.

Here are the NASA EDGE historical documents.

NASA EDGE with “Rocky” Lind from HQ and Astronaut Mike Good.  Credit: Ron Beard

NASA EDGE shoots a promo with Mike Good.  Credit: Rocky Lind

Mike was quite busy signing autographs.  Credit: Ron Beard

Time for one final autograph down on the track.  Credit: Blair Allen

Even Police Officers were impressed.  Credit: Blair Allen

Ryan Newman raced by this autograph 200 times on Sunday.  Credit: Blair Allen

All in all I think that NASA EDGE and the Astronauts for STS-125 make a pretty good team.  Hopefully, we will see more of them before and after their scheduled launch later this summer.

That’s all for now.

The Co-Host

7 thoughts on “NASA EDGE Wins at Daytona!”

  1. Dear Blair,

    My daughter (6 yrs) and my son (4 yrs), love to watch your show…
    They say ‘Hi’….and can not wait to see you on TV…:)
    Go NASA EDGE !!!

  2. Hey Fransiska!

    Tell your kids that the NASA EDGE Co-Host says “hello!” It is good to have such cool fans.


    The “Co-Host”

  3. I love formula 1 !!! good for you guys congratulations. what I mean I love racing cars only the real fast ones, greetings to one of our astronauts that was there.

  4. Okay…who goofed on the “A” of NASA Edge on the wall?

    Come on Blair, that’s gotta hurt your medianaut status!


  5. well i dont like science and the nasa stuff
    but i thought i could do some work so
    i can know about it and what do you know
    maybe ill get really into it… 🙂

  6. I live in a house with people ages 50something and younger. We disagree about almost everything it seems, but one thing we all agree on is this. NASA Edge is well, funny and well, informative. And, well, we all like it. Pass this on to the nasa tv programmers: Please don’t cancel it. It’s better than MTV, which isn’t saying much anymore, but you know what I mean..It is something both kids and oldsters can enjoy! Give NE@ another season or two, it’s just warming up.. All our fav shows have gone away, The 4400, Jericho and sooner than later, Scrubs. The ‘thinking’ person is running out of tv viewing options on the hundreds of cable channels and we need NE@ to fill the void. The SciFi channel is doodling in fantasy more than science fiction, boo! Glad you guys are there and TEACH with HUMOR, it rules. Look up wonderingmind42 on YouTube, here is a guy that may fit into a segment or 2 of NE@. How can I get a NASA Edge t-shirt?

  7. “yes its true u won fan’s heart………..gud luck.”

    Note – We can’t use external links (ads, spam, ets…) due to NASA rules and regulations.


    The Co-Host

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