Orion FTA on its way to NASA Dryden

The Orion Flight Test Article (FTA) was transferred from the hangar at NASA Langley Research Center (home of NASA EDGE) to an Air Force C-17 cargo plane.  The FTA is now on its way to NASA Dryden Flight Research Center to get a paint job and to add a whole bunch of electronic equipment.  It’s great to see a piece of history as NASA embarks on a bold new journey back to the moon, Mars, and beyond!  The Orion Flight Test Article will be used for the Pad Abort 1 test that will take place in New Mexico at the end of the year. Check out the cool pictures.

Orion FTA being loaded into the C-17. Credit: NASA/Sean Smith

Will the Orion FTA fit? Plenty of room to spare.  Credit: NASA/Sean Smith

Mission Complete, ship it to NASA Dryden! Credit: NASA/Sean Smith

Kudos to all the engineers, technicians, and managers who were a part of the project.  A job well done!


3rd Space Exploration Conference

The 3rd Space Exploration Conference in Denver, CO was highlighted by the more than 1800 Denver-area students that swarmed Education Alley over two days.  The NASA EDGE outreach program was able to give back by helping out Edcuation Alley sponsors, AIAA and Lockheed Martin. Check out some of the pics we took.

Chris moderating an astronaut panel.
NASA EDGE Host moderating an astronaut panel session for K-12 students.  Credit: NASA EDGE/Ron Beard

Clay Anderson signing a students shirt.
Astronaut Clay Anderson signing the back of a student’s shirt.  Credit: NASA EDGE/Ron Beard

Astronauts Clay Anderson, Brian Duffy, and Bruce McCandless and uber cool spacesuit engineer, Heather Paul, answered many great questions from the students.  I was really impressed with the level of questioning from the elementary school students.  It looks like we have many bright future engineers and scientists ahead of us.

Bruce McCandless and Brian Duffy talking to students and volunteers.
Bruce McCandless (MMU guy) and Brian Duffy talking to college students and volunteers.  Credit: NASA EDGE/Ron Beard

After Education Alley closed each day, the college students and volunteers received a chance to have an informal session with the panelists.  In the picture above Brian was explaining what it’s like to land the space shuttle.  Brian was a pilot on two missions and commander on another two.

Bruce McCandless, Chris Giersch, and Clay Anderson
Bruce McCandless explaining the Manned Manuevering Unit (MMU).  Credit: NASA EDGE/Ron Beard

Heather Paul and Chris Giersch
NASA Engineer Heather Paul and NASA EDGE Host Chris Giersch.  Credit: NASA EDGE/Ron Beard

We can’t forget to talk about the NASA exhibit.  Thanks to Todd Cannon at NASA MSFC for hooking us up with the prime spot.  As conference attendees and students walked into the exhibit, this is what they saw (minus Blair and Chris because we were working).

Blair and Chris checking out their exhibit space.  Credit: NASA EDGE/Ron Beard

Check out Blair’s shirt.  I know it’s kind of small but what you do you think of the artwork?

By the way, NE@The Space Shuttle Sim is now ready for download.  We welcome any feedback, especially Blair’s role in lowering the landing gear.


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