3rd Space Exploration Conference

The 3rd Space Exploration Conference in Denver, CO was highlighted by the more than 1800 Denver-area students that swarmed Education Alley over two days.  The NASA EDGE outreach program was able to give back by helping out Edcuation Alley sponsors, AIAA and Lockheed Martin. Check out some of the pics we took.

Chris moderating an astronaut panel.
NASA EDGE Host moderating an astronaut panel session for K-12 students.  Credit: NASA EDGE/Ron Beard

Clay Anderson signing a students shirt.
Astronaut Clay Anderson signing the back of a student’s shirt.  Credit: NASA EDGE/Ron Beard

Astronauts Clay Anderson, Brian Duffy, and Bruce McCandless and uber cool spacesuit engineer, Heather Paul, answered many great questions from the students.  I was really impressed with the level of questioning from the elementary school students.  It looks like we have many bright future engineers and scientists ahead of us.

Bruce McCandless and Brian Duffy talking to students and volunteers.
Bruce McCandless (MMU guy) and Brian Duffy talking to college students and volunteers.  Credit: NASA EDGE/Ron Beard

After Education Alley closed each day, the college students and volunteers received a chance to have an informal session with the panelists.  In the picture above Brian was explaining what it’s like to land the space shuttle.  Brian was a pilot on two missions and commander on another two.

Bruce McCandless, Chris Giersch, and Clay Anderson
Bruce McCandless explaining the Manned Manuevering Unit (MMU).  Credit: NASA EDGE/Ron Beard

Heather Paul and Chris Giersch
NASA Engineer Heather Paul and NASA EDGE Host Chris Giersch.  Credit: NASA EDGE/Ron Beard

We can’t forget to talk about the NASA exhibit.  Thanks to Todd Cannon at NASA MSFC for hooking us up with the prime spot.  As conference attendees and students walked into the exhibit, this is what they saw (minus Blair and Chris because we were working).

Blair and Chris checking out their exhibit space.  Credit: NASA EDGE/Ron Beard

Check out Blair’s shirt.  I know it’s kind of small but what you do you think of the artwork?

By the way, NE@The Space Shuttle Sim is now ready for download.  We welcome any feedback, especially Blair’s role in lowering the landing gear.


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14 thoughts on “3rd Space Exploration Conference”

  1. Very good !
    I was come from to china boy !
    I am interested in your Space Science.
    I wish I can come up with a good idea to help me .
    Study should bring my poorl English!
    Think you !

  2. I think its great that you are getting NASA out to the younger crowd, after all they are the future. I do have a question, does NASA have an “Idea Site”? A way for all NASAites to send in ideas, all types of ideas.

  3. The shirt looks very nice. It is great that all those students got to ask questions to all of those NASA experts.

  4. Hello. I am a high school student that is very interested with space and physics and things along those lines. I have been pondering several ideas that would hopefully help some people at NASA solve some problems I’ve been hearing about. I was hoping you could help me to find a link or an email that I could use to send some of these ideas of mine to someone at NASA who has the time and energy to read them and critique me. If all of them have already been thought up and tested, then I’d like to know before I make a fool of myself thinking that the ideas are original with me. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  5. Dear Kyric NS,

    We would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about how we can tackle the challenges of space exploration. Please drop us an e-mail at nasaedge@lists.nasa.gov and we would be glad to get them to the right folks.

    All the best,


  6. I understand that MIT has a bio-suit like garment that doesn’t need to be pressurized. Is there something in the works at NASA that is similar? A non pressurized suit that taxes the muscles and bones so they don’t degrade in space, that also helps the space traveller readjust to gravity, say on Mars?

    Am I dreaming? Or is this in the works?

    Love the show, keep’m coming!

    Chris (no, not him)

  7. Chris (not the host),

    I’ve heard of that bio-suit at MIT but they are still a long long way off before anything can go into production (according to a contact of mine). Cool concept though.

    Chris (Host)

  8. OK, I downloaded the pic of Blair and Chris standing in front of the NASA exhibit, blew the pic up a zillion times and still don’t know what’s on Blair’s shirt. Is it Saturn? A couple of Saturns with a Hello Kitty head in the middle? I give up. I need a microscope to see the details!! Help! Hello Kitty with rings..in space?? Hee-e-e-l-l-p!!


  9. “Very grad to hear about it and i’m very exiting. I found this topic from google and need to explore space. Thanks for google and nasa.”

  10. “What was that comment on Hello Kitty with rings like Saturn? Would you like to see!”

    Note – We can’t use external links (ads, spam, ets…) due to NASA rules and regulations.


    The Co-Host

  11. Hello, NASA How are they, I’m fine, this page is great. A fraternal greeting from Panama City.

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