Back from Tashi Station….more pics!

I hope Blair finds his way back from Tashi.  We noticed a few stormtroopers following him into an alley.  In the meantime here are some more pics from Tatooine or Moses Lake.

Great shot of Chariot on top of the hill.  Credit: NASA EDGE

Someone needs to photoshop this pic with a space backdrop and Earth in the background.

Spacesuit Testing at Moses Lake
Spacesuit testing at Moses Lake.  Credit: NASA EDGE

We forgot to mention the Desert RATS in our first post.  Joe Kosmo and Barbara Romig, pictured in the orange jumpsuits to the left,  lead the Desert RATS.  They are top notch professionals with a great sense of humor.  You’ll see them again in our NE@ segment at Moses Lake.

Scarab – Lunar rover concept.  Credit: NASA EDGE

This actually looks like a hot wheels car.  They demostrated Scarab’s manueverability around a small crater.

K-10 Rover
The K-10 lunar rover concept from NASA Ames Research Center.  Credit: NASA EDGE

I guess you can call this the R2-D2 of the lunar rover concepts.  These rovers were being tele-operated from NASA Johnson Space Center.

Two ATHLETEs joining together.
This could be Blair’s new lunar home.  Credit: NASA EDGE

Two ATHLETES, each carrying a mock lunar hab, joined together to simulate the connection of two hab modules.  The ATHLETEs in the picture above are only 1/4 scale versions.  Imagine having an ATHLETE four times the size working on the lunar surface….very cool!

Thank you for all the cool comments from the previous post.  We had a great time in Moses Lake, WA.  The people are very friendly and hopefully we can go back in the future.  Wait a minute…somone just came out of hyperspace.   I better sign off before I get hit.  All the best, Chris (Host).

BTW, Blair here.  I was not captured by stormtroopers.  I was accidentally sucked up into a sand crawler.  It took me longer than expected to escape due to a bad motivator.  Sigh.  On a more serious note, I did want to give props to our orange suited friends.  Chris was kind about it, but I totally forgot to mention in my previous post that they were not working specifically on Chariot.  They were specifically working on the space suites – both real and mock up versions.  So when you see pictures of them, the suits, or me looking sheepish, remember that even though we are a big team, Barb and Joe were primarily the keymaster and gatekeeper of the suits during the mission at Moses Lake (sorry to mix Star Wars and Ghostbuster metaphors.)


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    the concept of lunar home and lunar rover is fantastic but i have a doubt that, does the moon have solid surfaces like ours or something sandy like desert areas, and are there any rocks and solid hard stuff like that. i asked this because the rovers wheel is normal and i think it is not suitable for the deserty surfaces and it become difficult to move.
    and another thing is that why do we want 6 wheels for lunar home dose it have any specific reasons?

  2. Wow, this is so cool! I just can’t imagine how awesome it would be to see them on the moon right now. It is so facinating how humans will actually be able live on the moon! Scarab looks like it can move about really well on rocky terrain.

  3. Thanks for the post Nithin. You are correct in that the rover wheels like the ones on Chariot are not designed for the lunar surface. I believe they also tested a special kevlar tire instead of rubber tires.


  4. Hi Chris,

    I love the Scarab. Very cool! Is the lake you mentioned (Moses Lake) the one that is in Washington…or Idaho?



  5. Wow, those vehicles look off the chain!! Like something out of a sci-fi flick. You guys are so lucky to get to take pictures and see them up-close. That’s really cool.



  6. Greg –

    Hello sir. It’s the one in Washington.

    Thanks for supporting NASA EDGE!

  7. When do you think we’ll be ready to set up a base on the far side of the moon? Radio telescopes, microwave or other observatories established on the far side of the moon will be free of Earth’s radio and electromagnetic interference.

  8. Great question. The thinking right now is the south polar region near Shackleton Rim crater. The lunar outpost will be in sunlight a good percentage of the time thus relying on solar energy as the primary power source. I am sure at some point once we have established a permanent presence on the Moon we’ll look to the far side.


  9. great pictures everyone! my grandfather would be so proud. he helped make the first lunar module to the moon and worked as the general in nasa aerospace for 31 years. hes suffering from alz. dementia and we dont know how long he has left. keep up the great and exciting work. maybe one day i’ll see you all there. sincerly marcie ann elisarraras little green eyes and thanks from the hannon family!


  11. I just can’t wait to be part of this it is really good and i thank all the NASA crew for all that they are doing to make the earth and science a great adventure. May God always bless you in all your capacities

  12. i really admire nasa..

    because its always providing lot of mystiries information to the world..

  13. Hello. My name is Mark.
    I was curious if you all have a design on the housing & power generation concepts for the moon extended stay?
    I do love reading where some of this stuff goes. We do some work with Space Flight Critical parts & have another customer that works with gyroscopes in satellites. This stuff is quite fascinating. Keep up the good work!!

  14. Is there any current work to utilize “Hydrogen three” as a power source on the moon? After all, it is in the Lunar soil upper layer!

  15. Nice set of wheels guys, Ive been wondering, what really happens to these rovers after their space mission?

  16. i liked thoes robot guys and the cars or robot cars. it is quiet intresting, rite now i am trying to make my car into a robot car by putting some good stuff in there and it is my seceret.

  17. Things have come a long way in the ~40 years since we first landed on the moon.

    My father worked at Bendix who made some of the test gear that went to the moon in ’69. Now the whole facility in Ann Arbor where he worked has been torn down and is back to dirt and grass.

    But, exciting stuff here. Thanks for posting for us.

  18. i like all of the gear what you use it is facinating

    are their some people who wor5k for nassa but are

    scared of hights.

    bi friend

  19. Hi Chris,
    Setting up a lunar base on the moon is terribly exciting. Any idea when the astronauts will touch down on Shackleton? Do you know what the base is going to be called? Shackleton Lunar Base, maybe.

  20. “Ask and ye shall receive… My PSD skills are not the best, but I think it turned out rather well! I will see if the comments will allow an image, but if not you can find the photo on…

    You guys rock! What a fun job 🙂


    Note – We can’t use external links due to NASA rules and regulations.


    The Co-Host

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