Gen Y Involvement in Space Exploration

NASA EDGE is interested in producing a “round table” style vodcast focusing on Gen Y’s interest in space exploration.  One question that needs to be addressed is “How can NASA inspire the next generation of explorers primarily in the 18-25 age group?”

Is it by developing in school or after school programs emphasizing math and science?
Do we need additional funding for more space related internships and camps? College recruitment?
Nationwide publicity through a widely accepted media outlet? Or maybe even global publicity?
Use the Gen Y crowd already involved to reach out to impressionable youth?
Place the Gen Y crowd in decision making positions?
Make engineering and aeronautical career goals more attainable and appealing?
Implore Generation Y to understand that all kinds of educational backgrounds are needed for exploration success?
Further online social networking?
Door to door solicitation of space food?

Let us know what you think, because Chris and Blair are Gen Xers and they don’t remember their early twenties!

Maggie and Tomeka
NASA EDGE Summer Interns