Successful Test!!

What a day at ATK!  NASA, Lockheed Martin, Orbital Sciences Corporation, and ATK successfully performed a ground firing test of the abort motor for NASA’s Orion crew exploration vehicle Launch Abort System.   The abort motor fired for five seconds with the exhaust plume flames reaching an estimated 100-130 ft.  It was a sight to see.  Check out the first six frames of 15+ pics we took of the firing test using our Nikon D200 camera.

Congratulations to the entire Launch Abort System team on a job well done!  On to Pad Abort-1 at White Sands in 2009.  NASA EDGE would like to give special thanks to the following cool ATK employees: Trina Patterson, Julie Lucus-Keller, Justin Ellingford, Trevor Brasfield, and Jennie Campbell.  Special thanks to Julie and Justin for helping us out with gear, work space, and everything else.  They are a great group of people to work with.  Signing off from ATK.

All the best,
The NASA EDGE team at ATK
(Chris, Blair, Ron, and Don)

P.S.  We also wants to thank all of the NASA EDGE fans at ATK for making us feel so welcome.  It was great to meet everyone.  Hopefully, we will be back for more tests in the future.

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  1. I just realized that Chris didn’t mention that HE took the pictures, and that I was distracting him the entire time. Keep up the good work, Chris. I guess those sessions with Ron are paying off.

    Also, be sure and visit the main nasa page to see the video clips of the test. It was truly amazing… even though we weren’t allowed to roast marshmallows.

    The Co-Host

  2. i’m very interested in the astronut field.
    i allways wants to congratulate the people of the scientists who work in discover the new things in this vast universe.
    I allways wnats to be the person to be the team with them and learn new things.
    so, i need the good guidence for my carrier in the astronut field.
    please guide me in that way.

  3. I think the progress being made on the CEV and the ARES 1 and ARES 5 rockets is to be commended.

    I fully support the continued development of these 3 vehicles, however, given that the soon to be retired Space Shuttles will not have an immeadiate replacement within the U.S.fleet, perhaps there should be a program to build more Space Shuttles that are redesigned with the latest materials, and electronics, and with the latest finite element analysis and CFD codes operating on top of the line supercomputers that can now exceed 1,000 Teraflops for single units.

    The current Space Shuttle fleet has performed excellently overall, except for the two Shuttles that were lost by accident, and so it seems a waste, in a way, that new more capable Shuttles are not designed and built.

    The fact that the Space Shuttle flown in the mission just completed was able to be diverted to the West Coast for landing and landed in a very controlled manner simmilar to an modern day airliner shows how capable and versatile the Shuttles are.

    Even though a progam to redesign and build additional space shuttles would cost billions, the pay back in terms of jump starting the design and assembly of interplanetary manned space vehicles in LEO might be huge.

    In this age where the threats of terrorism and climatic upheaval bombard the global public every night on TV news programs, a bold civilization changing paradigm to develop off world colonies for humanity would inspire and unite the planet as never before.

    Not to try to convert anyone here, but as a Pro-life Catholic, I see the gradual spreading of the human race ever further out into the cosmos, however long it takes, as a grand humanity unifying and Prolife agenda that every one can identify with upon reflection.

  4. Congrats folks! Incredible photos!!

    I am so pleased that NASA is going back to the moon. JFK is one of the people I ‘look up’ to. I may not have been born in the 1960’s (early 1970’s actually); but I can guarantee you his spirit is alive and well in me!

    God Speed all of you on this challenging goal. You’ll accomplish it – guaranteed! NASA hasen’t let me down yet!

  5. Paul Coleman wrote:

    “Awesome! I want USA to be on the leading edge. I hope the new president supports NASA.”

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  6. Collin wrote:

    “Those are some pretty nice looking pictures… I may have to buy myself my own Nikon in the near future. :-)”

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  7. Neuro wrote:

    “Amazing looking photographs, i hope that NASA steps up its space program with more regular launches in the future.


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  8. Robin wrote:

    “Those pictures look incredible. May be NASA should work for the ministry of defence haha

    Well done NASA EDGE

    Robin – NASA Fanboy”

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  9. Guest wrote:

    “What an amazing site. Any idea how much heat that burst put off? If you do have another test would you please videotape it?


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  10. Janet wrote:

    “Thanks for the nice pictures.”

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    Thank you,

    The Co-Host

  11. “manvendra wrote”

    “it’s nice picture”

    “nasa is exploring the new world”

    “thank you”

  12. Tony said:

    “I would have loved to have seen this in person. I love Rockets!


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    The Co-Host

  13. “WOW!! Unbelievable! Now I know where my tax dollars go to…


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  14. Congradulations on a job well-done, NASA.

    Erich J. Ruth

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    The Co-Host

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