13 thoughts on “Ares I-X CM LAS Lands at NASA Kennedy”

  1. Manuel wrote:

    “Thanks you for the nice pictures.”

    *Note – We can’t use external links due to NASA rules and regulations.

    Thank you,

  2. Seeing the Ares-1X arrive is very exciting. I can’t wait for the July 11th launch. I’ll be watching for the launch time as it will be a NOT TO BE MISSED MOMENT. Congrats to NASA, All our pride and prayers go with you all.

  3. Dear Jens Knudsen,

    Great question! You’re actually looking at portions of ARES 1. There is a test launch this summer, and the photo above shows parts of the upper stage, the Crew Module and the Launch Abort System. They are being assembled in the Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) at NASA Kennedy. You can learn more about it from the NASA web site:


    Enjoy, and please feel free to post any further questions. Or you can e-mail us at nasaedge@lists.nasa.gov

    The Co-Host,

  4. I would like to ask a question about the ares 1x test vehicle. Will the launch be shown live on nasa tv ? Hoping it is.

  5. The launch of Ares I-X will certainly be broadcasted live via NASA TV and other media outlets. It should be a very big event. The date, however, isn’t certain because of shifting launch schedules for the Shuttle. It should happen this year, but you just never know.

    The Co-Host

  6. I know this is the wrong place to post this sorry .

    But would someone please inform the current space shuttle mission commentator on nasa tv, that it orbits not 220 feet above earth but 220 miles !!. Feet are not miles and visa versa. She is getting all her numbers wrong all the time, completely embarrassing .

  7. To the NASA TV Critic,

    Wow! Thanks for watching NASA TV with a discerning eye… and ear. Hopefully, the error was one of misspeaking rather than a lack of knowledge. In either case, we will forward your comments to the folks at NASA TV. While we are not the most direct channel for comments/criticism, we do have an extensive NASA contact list.

    Keep up the good work,

    The Co-Host

  8. Critic here again. Thanks for the info on the Ares 1X launch,and on nasa tv. Which i watch with media player on the internet, as we can’t get it via satellite in the uk sadly. She did get it right a bit later on in the broadcast i have to say. I will be watching that launch avidly whenever it happens.

  9. Dear Critic,

    Glad you’re still watching NASA TV, although we are sorry you have to watch it via the internet. Still, it is better than not being able to watch.

    Anyway, we are glad to have another fan in the UK. Thanks for supporting NASA. We are very excited about the Ares launch, and you will certainly be able to see it live when it happens. Stay tuned.

    The Co-Host

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