Correction – Multiple Voting vs. Single Voting

I want to correct myself in an earlier post about multiple/single voting.  After reading the initial post again, I realized I threw my great co-workers at NASA HQ under the bus unintentionally.  It was not my intent to put “blame” on NASA HQ for not putting controls in place to prevent multiple voting.  The privacy policy is a Federal Government policy from OMB and applies to any .gov site.  So in essence it’s out of everyone’s hands.   I want to thank them for clarifying the regulations (thanks Jim, you’re the man!).  

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13 thoughts on “Correction – Multiple Voting vs. Single Voting”

  1. As a reminder to all, MLB All-Star voting allows multiple voting, even encourages it. If multiple voting wasn’t allowed in this competition, only the groups with the largest number of employees would have a chance. Frankly, instead of being chagrined that SPB is doing so well, (or as the moderator calls it “skewed the voting”) NASA should be happy as it has brought far more interest in the competition.

  2. Quite honestly– I can’t wait for this to be over. What we have here are a bunch of jealous folks who cannot seem to accept losing to the “cinderella” of Mission Madness.

    When this is all said and done– what are you going to have to be miserable over?

  3. Someone from ORION must be stuffing the ballot box… what do they have to do all day. ORION… something that hasn’t even launched yet beating SPB?

    Why does no one argue the amount of votes ORION is getting?

    Bottom line– the greatest mission of ALL TIME for NASA is Apollo 11. You will never be able to dispute that.

  4. post 3, the fact that Orion is getting so many votes is suspicious but after SPB it is not surprising. My guess is that it is a combination of Orion employees voting for it and grudge votes against SPB. With less than an hour left though it looks like SPB is going to win this round.

  5. I, for one, welcome our new overlords…


    (Apparently the Orion people don’t vote when the day is done. Thanks for the challenge though. You were found lacking.)

  6. So the most popular NASA missions are supposed to be:

    New Horizons

    Bwa ha ha ha!

    The Colbert debacle and now this. Flash mobs rule NASA.

  7. “Citizens of Earth! Behold SPB!…… Do not fear them.”

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