28 thoughts on “SOHO Hanging Tough Against SPB”

  1. I think it is admirable that SOHO is ‘hanging tough,’ however, the real question is whether they can hang for the entire 39 hours of voting.

    SPB supporters have been masterful at this from the very beginning. They monitor voting, take breaks when they can and rally for the win late in the round. They aren’t doing anything wrong. They are doing exactly what it takes to win. SOHO did the same thing to LRO, but on a much smaller level in terms of vote total. I am very curious to see if the voters out there can actually make SPB sweat a little. We will know all in just a few hours.

    The Co-Host

  2. or it could be an Omen of SOHO Failed to Win!

    Take it from someone who has learned – don’t stir the pot so early!

  3. Bring it. *cracks knuckles*

    Man, what am I going to do when this contest is over? Homework? ahahahahahahahaha uh. wait.

    I’m still not convinced the Great Pumpkin isn’t being piloted (steered? driven? what’s the terminology here?) by Colbert, though. Is this his way of getting back at NASA for suggesting they’d name a toilet after him?

    HEY, HO…SOHO! *guitar riff*

  4. I had been promoting this to students as a way to learn about different NASA missions. What a disappointment. I will applaud the SPB supporters for their perseverance, and look for the assurance that none of their voting was done on the clock. At least with the ‘Colbert’ fiasco, NASA has an out in the official rules, which states that the winning name will be decided by NASA based on how it fits with the names of the flying modules; Unity, Destiny, Quest and Harmony. In this case NASA is about to award the title “The Greatest NASA Mission of All Time” (as per the trailer) to a mylar balloon.

  5. to6: Look into the science behind the balloon before being so negative. If you are going to teach, do the research.

  6. @ guest 6:

    MYLAR??? Evidently you didn’t bother to learn about NASA missions. What an excellent educator you must be!

  7. Guest #6
    You can still learn about all the missions regardless of who wins the contest. Simply click on the name of the mission that you would like to learn about and then click info. Even the eliminated missions are still available for research. So we didn’t take the opportunity for learning away from you or your students. We would love you to learn more about SPB since obviously you are confused about how it works and its purpose. We were only trying to highlight the Balloon program, and meant no misery to anyone. We just want to have a little fun and get some recognition. BEST OF LUCK!

  8. SOHO voters are like SPB voters. They are a very determined group that will not quit just because they are behind.

  9. SPB Team – with less than 5 hours left to vote, we are trying to get our group back organized. But it appears that you will be the Champion!

    It also doesn’t help that we started celebrations to come in 2nd early this afternoon. After all, it is a huge success for SOHO to have come all the way to the Championship. Does it hurt to only be 2nd? It stings only a little. But you guys got the votes together, the supporters and the results.

    I still don’t think you can predict space weather.. hehe!

    Sorry, congratulations to all of you crazy SPBers. Good Mission Madness.

    NASA EDGE Team – thank you! We had a great couple of weeks, made some friends, learned some new stuff. Do we still get some little price though? 😀

  10. Please remove 1 vote from SPB… I got carried away and accidently voted more than once. I was distracted while working on my Boy Scout Merit Badge for Ballooning.

    Semper Inflatus

  11. Would comment #14 be from you. It seems someone just ran 6100 votes in 2 hrs and 45 min. It was a shame the rain spoiled it though.

    With less than an hour to go we are being vigilant.

  12. Great effort SOHO! Congratulations to all of us for giving it our best. Thanks for the fun. And thanks to NASA for a memorable event. It has brought us all closer together.

    Congratulations to SPB. I’d like these folks in a foxhole with me should I ever find myself in one.

  13. I’m so proud of both teams– this was designed to be fun and I think both SPB and SOHO can both say they had fun. In all honesty, neither mission is “NASA’s GREATEST MISSION” and they both know that. But both teams have had such a great time enjoying the battle. As a supporter of SPB, I can honestly say I’ve had fun. I’ll be honest and say that I wish some of the negative criticism had been kept quiet (on all accounts) but.. hey… trash talk is part of the game I guess.

    Anywho– this was fun, NASA Edge.

    What are we all going to do now? …the time is going to CRAWL by, LOL.

  14. What a great time. Thanks NASA for having the Mission Madness. I agree, it has been a great way to learn about ALL the missions out there. We are very proud of our Great Silver Pumpkin. SOHO, you all rock! What a privilege to be a part of all of this!

  15. Thank you NASA for an exciting and most educational tournament. SOHO you did a good job in hanging in there! Congratulations to SPB!!!
    WE DID IT!!!

  16. This certainly was surprising and fun. It was all a brilliant idea- thanks, NASA Edge!

    I’m already psyched for next year…

  17. *sigh* Well, I suppose I have to hand it to the Great Pumpkin Patrol: they organized well and carried the tournament. While I won’t pretend I wouldnt’ve preferred other missions to make it, I also have to admit I’m impressed by the little balloon that could and its dedicated team (and the zombies they infected).

    Mostly, though, I just wanted to thank NASA Edge for a great, fun couple weeks that encouraged me not only to learn more about missions with which I was already familiar, but introduced me to others I either hadn’t heard of or knew very little about. I also learned a bit about the future of space exploration in some of the upcoming missions, so not only do I have a better grasp on the history of the program, but of its future as well. Regardless of who won or how petulant some of us got (I was one of them, I confess), all of us learned a lot. So, just to ratchet up the cheese factor here, aren’t we ALL winners in that sense?

    I’m totally starting my MER campaign early next year, though. 😉

  18. I wish NASA wouls use its technology to help find Abducted Children and Missing Adults.

    I know they have the means and know how and wonder why they have NOT implemented it

    There is a website dedicated to putting a workable system in Place

    “Stop Child Abductions Missing Woomen and Other Crimes”

    Please take a look and then DO SOMETHING !!!!

    Bill Tomsick
    Cape Coral FL

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