Ares I 1st Stage Motor Test Delayed… But NOT forgotten

PROMONTORY, UT (NASA EDGE Press) – It is true.  The original test time for the Ares 1st Stage Motor Test was postponed approximately 20 seconds from firing on August 27, 2009.  Obviously, many people who were in attendance at ATK to witness this amazing event were sad to miss this spectacular demonstration.  It did, however, give the NASA EDGE Co-Host the opportunity to reflect on the importance of tests and data collection.

“We were poised to witness a two minute, intense rocket test that is ‘rumored’ to turn sand into glass,” said the perspiration covered NASA EDGE Co-Host.  “Not getting an opportunity to collect some fresh glass souvenirs, certainly makes you stop and think.”

AKT, NASA Officials and even the NASA EDGE Host were eventually able to explain to the Co-Host how important safety and integrity of the data collected are to the success of a given test.  The delay, while not a result of a safety concern, was made to insure that the necessary data would be measured at firing of the rocket motor.


“I get it.  I really do,” rambled the Co-Host.  “It is kind of like taking pictures with cameras without any film.  You can get a lot of things right, but have nothing to analyze in the end.”


Clearly, the Co-Host’s comprehension needs work, but ATK, NASA and everyone involved in making the test a success is working toward rescheduling the test to insure that they will learn everything they can to make Ares I NASA’s next launch vehicle.