NASA EDGE Nominated for Best Video Podcast in the 5th Annual Podcast Awards!

Just though I would share the news with our NASA EDGE Fans:

NASA EDGE continues their unprecedented, unscripted journey through the world of video podcasting with their very first award nomination.  This is no small accomplishment considering that only two and half years ago, they weren’t sure that they would find an audience. 


Well, they have.  Almost three years and 3.2 million downloads later, NASA EDGE is now recognized in the company of such internet greats and fellow nominees as “Buzz out Loud,” “Diggnation” and “Filmriot” just to name a few.


In fact, the 5th Annual Podcast Awards, managed by Podcast Connect Inc., mentioned on their web site that this year’s competition received more than 321,000 nominations for over 3500 different shows.


Be sure to vote for NASA EDGE


You can vote once a day from November 13th to November 30th, 2009 by visiting  NASA EDGE is listed in the “Best Video Podcast” category with 9 other video podcasts.


If you’re already a fan of NASA EDGE, please vote for them.  If you haven’t seen or heard of NASA EDGE, visit their home page at and download any or all  of their 46 video podcasts.  You will not be disappointed.


What is NASA EDGE?


NASA EDGE is different.  Unscripted and unpredictable, NASA EDGE takes a unique look in and around the greatest space program on the planet.  They have hosted the Great Moonbuggy Race, examined NASA spinoff technology at the X Games,  followed the Desert-RATS with an unconventional set of duct tape boots, coined the term Magnetospherence and even made an appearance on ESPN’s nationally syndicated Mike & Mike in the Morning Show.


Their latest Vodcast added a new wrinkle.  In October they covered NASA’s historic Ares I-X Flight Demonstration live on the web.  That show featured the entire broadcast team and an attempt at defining and redefining ‘triboelectrification.’


Of course, NASA EDGE isn’t just a video podcast.  If you have questions, comments or thoughts about NASA or NASA EDGE, you can friend them on facebook and ask questions, chat or check out some exclusive facebook videos. 


Or if you just want to keep up with their latest shows or activities you can follow them on twitter (@NASA_EDGE.)


If all goes well, you’ll hear from them the second they win their very first award!