Cool Pics from Orion Pad Abort 1 Flight Test

After glorious animation, a live webcast and a “Best of”vodcast, the success of the Orion Pad Abort 1 Flight Test continues toamaze.  These pictures come to usvia our good buddies at White Sands Missile Range out in New Mexico, and for methey bring the experience home in a new way.


As one of the Orion Pad Abort 1 Team stated mid flight, “Today, we just saved astronauts’ lives.”  Even though there were no astronautsin the crew module for this test, NASA and their partners proved that thetechnology to save lives works. And as we move forward, that is great news.

If you want to see high quality versions of these pictures,visit our flickr page.


NASA EDGE Flickr Page


The Co-Host

You can see that the Attitude Control Motor fires immediately to provide control.  (photo: White Sands Missile Range)

Orion successfully reoriented for separation.  (Photo: White Sands Missile Range)

All three motor systems worked as planned.  Will the chutes deploy?  (Photo: White Sands Missile Range)

Gravity dictates that the Launch Abort System lands first.  (Photo: White Sands Missile Range)


The Orion descends safely!  And provides a very nice picture.  (Photo: White Sands Missile Range)

The Orion has landed!  (Photo: White Sands Missile Range)

I’m pretty sure I could have survived this ride!  (Photo: White Sands Missile Range)

Not the usual desert image, but a very welcome one for NASA.  (Photo: White Sands Missile Range)