NASA EDGE Arrives at D-RATS Base Camp

BLACK POINT LAVA FLOW, AZ (NASA EDGE PRESS)  Life moves pretty fast across the lava flow in Arizona for the NASA Desert Research and Technology Studies  Team (D-RATS.)  At approximately 7:00am local time, NASA EDGE Set Therapist and Everyman were separated from their more studious counterparts and whisked away to the remote LER testing area by D-RATS taskmasters Joe Kosmo and Barbara Romig for exclusive coverage of the eighth day of a 14 day mission.

NASA EDGE brought back some stunning video and photos, but Ron explained that the pictures don’t tell the entire story.

“It’s really the little things.  We were instructed not to interact with the two test subjects.  I mean, if they are staring into the sun and claiming that they’re heading North, you don’t correct them.  Not that that happened.  That was just an example.” 

Franklin added, “We are so used to correcting the Co-Host.  It was actually a challenge not to interact or intervene.  But it’s cool, because everybody learns more by working through the errors and kinks along the way.”

Despite dry heat, malfunctioning communications equipment, uncooperative weather and a relentlessly rugged drive into the desert, the mission is going well and NASA, the D-RATS and even NASA EDGE are learning and making progress.

Joe Kosmo put it best when he said quite simply, “we are out here to learn.”

Here are just a few photos of today’s activity in the desert.

The LER drives toward some questionable weather. Credit: Ron Beard

Check out the cool observation bubble.  Is that Brent in there?  Credit: Ron Beard

They don’t have full suits, but they are going through all of the important motions.  Credit: Ron Beard

This pic would never be taken on the Moon, except for the thumbs up!  Credit: Ron Beard