NASA EDGE Fans Deliver 2nd Consecutive Annual Podcast Award Nomination!

First, NASA EDGE wants to thank the many, many fans of theshow that voted to nominate NASA EDGE for the Annual Podcast Awards for the 2ndyear in a row.  1.1 million totalnominations were received this year for all podcasts, so to again be nominatedmeans only one thing.  Our fansshowed up BIG TIME.  What  an honor!


Second, voting begins December 1st and continuesall the way through December 15th.  Again, we are calling on our fans to show theirunprecedented support.  Like lastyear, we are up against some serious competition.  But if our fans have shown anything over the years, it isenthusiastic support.


So, hide your kids, hide your wives… I mean, FIND your kids,FIND your wives, and FIND your husbands, etc. and VOTE DAILY from December1-15, 2010 to give NASA EDGE a chance to win the 6th Annual PodcastAward in the category of “Best Video Podcast!” 


Even though we face serious competition, we know our fanswill give it their best shot.  Whocould ask for more?


Happy Voting,


The Co-Host