NASA EDGE- A Year in Review

2008 was a great year for NASA EDGE.  Even though our two-year anniversary is not until March 18, 2009, this past year was our first full year as a vodcast.  We released 19 vodcasts (11 NE@ segments and 8 standard).   Along our travels we covered many topics and visited many places, some old and some new.  We visited NASA Johnson Space Center, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center, NASA Dryden Flight Research Center, NASA Ames Research Center, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA Glenn Research Center, and of course our home base, NASA Langley Research Center.  We covered the NASA events at the X Games, the Daytona 500, and Yuri’s Night.  We met NASCAR driver, Kurt Busch, Astronauts Drew Feustel and Mike Good and the rest of the STS-125 crew, Stephanie Stockman from NASA Goddard, Jennifer Madsen, Barbara Romig, and Joe Kosmo from NASA JSC, Shana Dale from NASA HQ, the NASA CoLab crew from Ames, Mike Weiss – Deputy Project Manager for Hubble, Dick DeLombard and the eZLS crew from NASA Glenn.  And we can’t forget one of our fav 5, Shari Olson, from NASA Dryden.   There are too many people to list but we want to thank everyone who provided us help throughout the year on the vodcasts.  We can’t forget about our social networking friends, especially those on Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter.  Thank you for all the feedback and support this past year!

I think our pinnacle for 2008 was being on ESPN’s Mike and Mike in the Morning.  Even though we didn’t release a vodcast, Blair and I had the opportunity to play the game, “Is it Earth Food or Space Food”, with the hosts, Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic.  The NASA EDGE vodcast was originally based off of “Mike and Mike in the Morning. “  You can check out some of the “Behind the Scenes” footage on our Facebook page.

Well, where do we go from here? We’ve been asked to take it up another notch in 2009.  What does that mean?  We are still in the planning stages and have a few ideas to get approved.   Hopefully our first idea will start in March but we’ll see.  In 2009 we plan to cover another round of cool topics including the Orion Launch Abort System, the Pad Abort-1 test, Ares 1-X flight test, the STS-125 launch, LRO and LCROSS, Constellation work at NASA KSC, Ares I and V, the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 landing, and much much more.  So send us your ideas and we’ll put them in the vault.

On behalf of the NASA EDGE team, I want to thank everyone for their support in 2008 and keep watching NASA EDGE, an inside and outside look at all things NASA.

Happy New Year!


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  1. It was great getting to know you guys and i thoroughly enjoyed all the vodcasts and can not wait for 2009 and see where you guys go. Have a great and blessed 2009 guys.


  2. In the heat of cataloging the year’s events and thanking everyone, Chris forgot to mention that 2009 happens to be the official “Year of the Medianaut.”

    I’m guessing that that means that I will probably named as an alternate astronaut on an STS Mission this year. If not, it will clearly be the case of the memo being derailed by a bad batch of magnetospherence.

    Looking forward to the new year,


  3. i used this artical for my science current event and my science teacher ansoultly loved it she said it was the best artical and most incredable.

  4. Hi Guy’s, We love the show and all the inside education we learn from you. Keep up the good work. We look foward to 2009 and beyond with NASA Edge and all that you bring to our inquiring minds. Thank You, Elizabeth

  5. I have an incredible idea for the Apollo 11 40th anniversary that involves some big dishes, the moon and an Apollo 11 astronaut or 2.

    It is international and much of the organisation is complete or underway.

    It symbolically returns the Astronauts to the moon and we could even get the US president to talk via the moon to them, re-enacting the president’s call to the moon.

    Internatioal TV links are being organised and a team of thousands is being mobilised. The event is happening, just need an astronaut or 2 and maybe a US president. We have 2 hort stoies being written for the event (they will be podcast), one from a New York times best seller and we will be educating kids about Apollo, the moon, science and literature.

    Can’t say anymore here on the blog, but who in NASA do I contact? It would be the biggest event that would be happening for the Apollo anniversary and as we are just ordinary people, we need some assistance from NASA to make this happen. The date of the event is 27th of June as the moon’s alignment is crucial for a US-Australia link. It would be a major 24 hour event that would kick off the celebrations.

    Robert Brand

  6. Tim wrote:

    “Best regards from Germany, too.”

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    The Co-Host

  7. “Year 2008 was a great your for you folks ! I hope to have any further comments on your missions soon !”

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    The Co-Host

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