Nice Try Chris

I’ve always had my suspicions that Chris was jeaolous of me and all that I am. 

I must say I never expected it to manifest in this way. 

Of course, I realize I am on thin ice (criticizing a sitting NASA EDGE Host while he’s on foreign soil,) but something has to be said.  Chris, run a comb through the hair before the picture.  Do something.  Show some self respect…

It is clear.  You need to be schooled in the Art of Blair.  It is more than the hair.  Oh, so much more. 

When you return, I will begin your training.  I hope that you’re up to all that it takes to be THE Coolest, shortest, hottest, red-headed Host of NASA EDGE.

Brandon begins workout!

I got my first look at Brandon’s athleticism today.  If he drives the Moonbuggy with the same gritty determinism he brings to all other physical exercises, then this should be no contest.

Here is a quick look at some of what I saw:

NASA Langley Security clocked Brandon at 12mph in the suit.

He shot 17% better than the Cavs have shot in the NBA finals.

He was uncovered for the dunk, but it was still impressive considering the Earth’s gravity.

If you’re interested, Brandon has mapped out a 10k post lunch running route…

Then it’s back to the weight room to work the legs.

For you doubters…

I do have some concerns about Brandon.  You should too…

For the record, he was unable to snag an energy drink.  Since the photo, he has placed himself on a voluntary “water only” beverage regimen, and he only had to make minor repairs on the drink machine.

Overall, a nice workout.  I think he’ll have no trouble in the upcoming Moonbuggy race.  Although, he still needs a teammate.

Anyone interested?


NASA EDGE in Glasgow,Scotland

Well…Blair is acting host of NASA EDGE while I’m on a NASA education expedition in Glasgow, Scotland. A NASA team of scientists, engineers, and educators from Johnson Space Center, Langley Research Center, and other institutions are working with the Careers Scotland Space School.  NASA EDGE is assisting Chuck Lloyd (JSC) and his 21st Century Explorer School program. There are also astronauts, engineers, and scientists traveling to a number of schools around the city to speak with students and teachers about NASA. So far it’s been a pretty good trip.  I am writing this blog from the University of Strathclyde.  Below is a picture taken from the tower of the Glasgow Science Center.  The cool looking bridge was completed last year.

I hope Blair can hold up the fort and complete his homework at the same time.

STS-117 (Mission to the ISS) Ready for Launch

Atlantis is ready for launch today at 7:38 PM ET.  If you get a chance to see the launch on TV this evening, then the NASA EDGE team would like to hear your thoughts on the launch.  First time shuttle launch viewer? Did you watch it live?  We want to hear the details.

  Space Shuttle Atlantis

NASA EDGE will be traveling to NASA Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in early August to view the launch of STS-118.  We are looking forward to the experience.  We had the pleasure of seeing Atlantis at the pad in person a few weeks ago when we were filming at KSC for an upcoming show (surprise).  What a sight to see. By the way, Franklin and I were not too happy with Blair during our visit to KSC.  Maybe Blair can explain…

All the best,


NASA EDGE 1st Official Blog

Yes!  We are finally a “go” for blogging.  (Insert your very own personal celebration here.)

Throughout the crazy approval process, I created about 10 unique “1st NASA EDGE Blogs” which are all now obsolete.  I am all tapped out of creative post ideas.  I am, however, working on a new project for NASA EDGE.  I don’t really want to talk about it yet, so I thought I would give everyone a simple tease…

Can you guess what I am doing in this picture?  Submit your caption ideas to  I’m not sure what we will do with them, but if they are funny, they might make their way to the bloggersphere.

All the best,

The Goofy Co-Host

NASA 'Moonbuggy' Bonanza!

NEWS FLASH:  NASA EDGE drafts Brandon to represent the show in an upocomming NASA “Moonbuggy” race.

“We looked at all of the LARSS (Langley Aerospace Research Summer Scholars) options, and even though we knew we were behind the eight ball with the 104th pick in the draft, we felt Brandon possessed the kind of tenacity that ‘Moonbuggy’ drivers need to win.”  – NASA EDGE Manager of Scouting Operations

I’ve met Brandon.  In fact, I am responsible for all of his physical and mental training for the upcoming event.  I have no idea what our scouting guy is talking about.  We had the 104th pick out of 104 total picks.  We now have to find a way to turn 150 pounds of raw gene sequencing molecular cell biology major into a viable “Moonbuggy” driver in less than three weeks.  

Plus, as an agency we still have to get back to the Moon, go to Mars, and then beyond.  Safe to say, we have a pretty busy summer.

So, I’ll have to get back to my Orion research later.  For now, I have to look into this “300 workout” I’ve heard so much about.  I hope Brandon is up to the challenge.  Please let me know if you have any suggestions.